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1) From: Sherry Hausner
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This is really a test but thought I would title it different. I am going =
through withdrawal because I haven't received any emails for two days. =
I have gone to my personal settings page and turned it off and then on =
again. Still no emails.
I tried to subscribe again but it said I was already subscribed.
What to do!!??
So this is really a test. :)

2) From: Kevin
Ugh, I'm going through list withdrawal and the shakes are starting to
set in..........hjdlljdlkl....afds.
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

3) From: Les
Kevin you got through!  I am enjoying a very fine cappo of the
Columbia CoE today.
On 2/9/07, Kevin  wrote:

4) From: Floyd Lozano
haha, i just posted a similar message to the SM blog ;)
On 2/9/07, Kevin  wrote:

5) From: Michael Dhabolt
I hear you.  Wonder what is going on.  This is 'Forcing' me into actually
watching TV during my morning Cappa.  Seems as though there is disgusting
stuff going on in the world.
Mike (just plain)
On 2/9/07, Kevin  wrote:

6) From: Bill Morgan
Well, here's your fix.
On 2/9/07, Kevin  wrote:

7) From: Elliott Perkins
Ah, at least someone is still there.
Kevin wrote:

8) From: Michael Dhabolt
I've just started getting some posts to the list - they are 'trickeling
in'.......It is making the morning Cappa considerably more comfortable.
Mike (just plain)

9) From:
have a coffee beer...
---- Kevin  wrote: 

10) From: Howell Ite
Maybe the cold affected the listserver.
Elliott Perkins  wrote:  Ah, at least someone is still there.
Kevin wrote:

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