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1) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
Although this is not coffee roasting related, it is coffee related ...
Times of crisis bring out the best and the worst in people and, it appears,
in businesses.
On 11 September 2001, employees of the Midwood Ambulance Service were on
hand at what has come to be known as "Ground Zero," the rubble that once was
the World Trade Center. They approached a Starbucks near the disaster site
because they needed water to treat the victims of the terrorist attack.
Starbucks was willing to help . . . for a price. It sold the rescue workers
three cases for $130 cash on the barrelhead, with the money needed to
complete the transaction coming out of the workers' pockets.
Later, suspecting the workers had been overcharged, ambulance company
officials called Starbucks and sent e-mail to the company but said their
queries were ignored. One described his call to Starbucks thusly: "When I
called . . . to inquire about this at your 'contact us' phone number from
your Web site, I was told in a rather rude way that this could not have
happened and abruptly thanked for my call and dismissed."
Only after the text quoted above became circulated on the Internet did
Starbucks address this matter. It has since delivered a $130 check (via
messenger) to the ambulance company, and its president, Orin Smith, has
called to apologize personally.
Apology and check notwithstanding, lingering and disquieting doubts remain.
True, an employee at any outlet of any chain can act in an unthinking manner
that will bring embarrassment upon that company, but that is not the real
shame here; it's the non-actions of Starbucks management in the face of such
an incident.
Starbucks president Orin Smith was sent a letter detailing the water sale on
17 September 2001, yet it took the attraction of media attention to prompt
any offer of redress. At each level the ambulance workers were stonewalled
in their attempts to deal with Starbucks, and it took negative publicity and
the need to counter it to change that condition. Had the story not gotten
out and had it not given Starbucks a black eye, is there any reason to
suppose that check would have been written or that apology made?
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2) From: Simpson
Note that this is under the 'rumors' section? There is no credible proof
this ever happened. I think it is very foolish at this difficult time to
post unsubstantiated and divisive twaddle. If, as this supposed article
said, these horrors bring out the best and worst in us, why not put a little
effort into choosing to focus on the best and let the rest sort itself out
in a way that doesn't just add more sadness and disgust onto an already
overwhelming mountain of distress. Expend the 10 or so calories and the few
seconds to consider the consequences of one's actions, and refuse to further
the demoralizing cause of those who hate us so much. Just because we have
free speech, it doesn't mean we don't need to think a second before we use

3) From: Mike & Debi McGinness
Though I'm not a Charbucks, I mean Starbucks fan, fair is fair. 
The Starbucks Company donated $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) to The September 11th Fund.http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/auction/They've also as a Company and individuals donated directly and indirectly.http://www.starbucks.com/aboutus/pressdesc.asp?id2http://www.starbucks.com/aboutus/pressdesc.asp?id3">http://www.starbucks.com/aboutus/sbux_cares.aspStarbucks has donated thousands of dollars worth of items for the Auction for America: http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/auction/They've also as a Company and individuals donated directly and indirectly.http://www.starbucks.com/aboutus/pressdesc.asp?id2http://www.starbucks.com/aboutus/pressdesc.asp?id3
Let's not be too quick to bash, people or companies. Keep it for the Terrorists!
Home Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA

4) From: Glen Sutherland
"There is no credible proof
this ever happened."
I dunno. The President of Starbuck, Orin Smith, sure thinks it happened.
See below:
Starbucks Apologizes for Charging NYC Rescue Workers for Water
AP Business Writer
SEATTLE (AP) -- The head of a Brooklyn ambulance company said Tuesday that
the president of Starbucks has personally apologized after rescue workers in
New York were forced to pay a Starbucks shop $130 for water to treat victims
of the terrorist attack.
Midwood Ambulance Service President Al Rapisarda said he received a
hand-delivered reimbursement check -- and a personal call from Starbucks
president Orin Smith -- after reports of the incident became public.
``It was a misunderstanding with Starbucks,'' Rapisarda said after talking
to Smith.
Midwood Ambulance Service alerted Starbucks to the incident in an e-mail,
which was obtained by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Smith said Tuesday he did not know why the coffee shop near the World Trade
Center towers charged the rescue workers.
``It's totally inconsistent with the kind of behavior we would have expected
from our people, so it has been very upsetting to learn of this,'' Smith
said in an interview with The Associated Press.
Shortly after the Sept. 11 attack, rescue workers rushed into a nearby
Starbucks store to get water to treat shock victims, Rapisarda said.
Ambulance company workers said employees in the shop demanded they pay $130
for three cases of bottled water. The workers paid cash, out of their own
Reached by telephone, the manager of the shop, the Battery Park Plaza
Starbucks, declined to comment.
Rapisarda said he was happy with Starbucks' conciliatory gestures, which
Smith said included free coffee and other gifts.
``It's not a big deal anymore,'' Rapisarda said.
Starbucks closed stores nationwide for a day after the attacks, although the
company said several stores near the World Trade Center and New York City
hospitals served coffee -- and water -- to rescue workers for free.
He said the company also has donated coffee and other services throughout
New York City since the attacks.
"Iím not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a
camel in the butt. Itís going to be decisive.Ē George W. Bush
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5) From: Simpson
Missing my point, Glen- There are many positive things to note and no reason
I can imagine, at this time, to dwell on a fairly minor negative one. To
spend 1 second on this drivel is to dishonor the work and lives of people
who died for what they believe in.
And this is off topic, and frankly I'm outta here.

6) From: Glen Sutherland
No, your missing my point -Ted.
You said, "There is no credible proof this ever happened."
I made the case that it did happen.
I actually agree with you on everything else such as there are many positive
things to note.
"Iím not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a
camel in the butt. Itís going to be decisive.Ē George W. Bush
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7) From: Rstyler49
I read the entire Starbucks expose.'  This is nothing new.  This IS big business in America.  In fact, when this happens on a much larger scale, karmically speaking, are nations judged for their wrongs to people?  Makes you wonder who's side God was really on, assuming there is a God.  I mean remember all those times we saw Mideast children laying in the streets form bombings and we had no feelings or remorse about any of it.  Now our children will be lying in the streets.  Live by the sword die by the sword, a rule of nature that applies it equally to all.  Violence is a terrible thing, except when it is administered by us.  Problem is, everyone is us. 
Wrong is wrong, just like a rose by any other name ....  That is the world we live in.  Are you just now waking up to this.  You sound shocked.  That you were offended I can understand.  That you were shocked, shocks me.  Where have you been my little one.  That Starbucks incident can be indirectly tied in with what everything is all about, and why there is the violence there is.  EVERYONE thinks they are the good guy and justifies everything they do.  Bottom line everything is just a game and we just act like we get along.  All in due time my pretty, all in due time. 
Sorry for the tangent, I couldn't resist.  I go thru this stuff everyday with businesses.  The thing they do is wrong, but the cover up (and a cover up always follows), is far more insulting and grievous than the original transgression.  It is called - THE FOX GUARDING THE HENHOUSE.  And businesses, lawyers, doctors, and politicians are the worst offenders of them all.  It is sickening and makes you furious indeed.  The bastards deserve to go out of business for those POS acts.  Take the narrow road and hard road, for broad is the way and easy the way that leads to destruction.

8) From: R.N.Kyle
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
Just read in the local paper that Srarbucks is branching out and is =
going to open a new store in Puerto Rico in slept. and plan others in =
Columbia, Brazil, and Mexico
Ron Kyle
a coffee roaster from South Carolina

9) From: Michael Guterman
Hi.  I guess with my second post I will be shunned.  I often have to 
dirive down Rt 95 from CT to NC.  The only road coffee I will drink is 
Starbucks.  I can easily understand why people who have never had really 
nice coffee think it is the BEST.  It actually has flavor.
On another note, Sylvia is due to arrive tomorrow.  Given my old Braun 
grinder, I was going to try Illy preground as a test, but Gary at Whole 
Latte Love said  that it gave them 18 second pulls no matter how hard 
they tamped.  I hope the Braun will suffice for a bit.  After the Coffee 
Geek review I really want a Mazzer Mini, but that will take saving for a 
month or so.
I am really glad to see the info on oiling the Hearthware Precision.  I 
have been agonizing over what to do when it expires.  There doesn't seem 
to be a lot of choice out there.  I did see this neat one on the web, a 
Rosto, I think, but seven thousand dollars is out of my league.  I do my 
roasting outside.  My wife cannot tolerate the smoke (neither can the 
fire alarms).  The Alpenroast sort of appeals to me.  I have heard much 
bad about them in terms of incinerating beans just seconds after they 
were perfect.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I'll report in on my Braun / Sylvia experience next week.
Michael Guterman
West haven, CT
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10) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Michael Guterman  wrote:
rest snipped>
Hi Mike, while at a family reunion in New England last summer I
sampled from many a coffee shop including a number of Star$ and
I was most impressed with Dunkin Donuts coffee. Fresh, roasted
just right for the beans they use, and tasty, if weak. Every
Starbies had stale, gut burning swill. I recently tried both the
DD and the SB at the Mexico City airport and Starbucks won that
contest easy,(the Dunkin Donuts there even sells espresso) but
the Vancouver SB was the worst yet. Flavor, yes, but the nasty
Charlie,   3 +1/2 drive from the nearest Starbucks...and about a
70 hr drive from nearest DD
Do you Yahoo!?
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11) From: Dale A. Taylor
Michael I have been using my Alpenroast for about 3 months and I love it. I
have read almost every book their is on coffee and roasting and I set my
Alpenroast to the highest setting and listen for the cracks and smell for
the correct time to override into the cool cycle. It works great for me. I
usually roast once a week on the weekend and that last almost all week. I
will use other roasted coffees I have for 1 or 2 days a week and it really
makes me appreciate a good home roasted cup the rest of the time. dale

12) From: Rick Farris
Hey!  Welcome back, Charlie!  Whatja bring us?
-- Rick
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13) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Rick Farris  wrote:
 Howdy Rick, thanks. I still have some very tasty grasshoppers
cooked in lime juice that for some reason no one wants, but if
you're refering to all the choice samples of fresh crop
greens-the highest elevation typica washed to perfection,
prepared "miel" style, the whole dried "capulin", or the hand
made chocolate or the aged mescal, well, you know the old CSA
saying around here: MINE MINE MINE! ;o)
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