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1) From: Kevin
Does anyone know where I can purchase a new insert for the Gene Cafe
center drum?  I washed the insert to remove  coffee oils and there is
a stopper on the swing door of the GC (the door that helps remove
chaff from the exhaust port).  The stopper prevents the door from
damaging the glass.  I seem to have lost the stopper!
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2) From: Eddie Dove
Source sent off-list ... I just received a replacement of that part this
week.  It is another vendor that sells roasters so I am not sure about
posting it here, but they also do the service for the Gene Cafes in the US.
Since it is Sunday, I can't ask Sweet Maria's if I can post it.  If anyone
else needs the info, I will be more than glad to send it to them.
On 2/11/07, Kevin  wrote:
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3) From: Eddie Dove
I had thought about using the rubber from a twist-on fishing sinker, but I
am not sure that it or any of the other stuff in the hardware store could
hold up to the heat without melting into goo.  Does anyone know?
I am glad I actually found a source for the OEM replacement.
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4) From: Peter Zulkowski
Why not try some hi temp gasket material that comes in a tube?
You can get it at WalMart for a couple of bucks. It is good up to at 
least 500F so it should work here.
I have used it in Poppery modifications and it works well. Seems to get 
greasy after a while but that may be because I overheated it sometimes.....
Good luck,
Eddie Dove wrote:

5) From: Kevin
I would be concerned that the gasket material in the tube woudn't be
food safe.  The material would be exposed to heat and cooling
repeatedly.  I wonder if it would out-gas chemicals onto the beans.
Then again, it'll only be a little bit of the material...and I'm
trusting that the original part is food safe and doesn't out-gas...
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6) From: raymanowen
If it's good enough for the mill, it's good enough for me.
A better replacement might be the HG/DB. Homer's Despot has all the parts-
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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SCAA. This free advice is worth every penny and is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or ameliorate any roasting SNAFU. Always consult your
professional cupper before starting any new technique...
On 2/11/07, Kevin  wrote:

7) From: Fancye9876
Ray, LOL. funny you should say that.  I just started with the HGDB  and 
bought a heat gun from Homers Despot, just in case I have a  problem with my Gene.  
I love my Gene but figured I better have a back  up.  My girl friend came 
over to check out my roasting and she decided she  would try the heat gun also.  
So far I can't really tell a difference in  the Gene and the heat gun roasts.

8) From: raymanowen
"So far I can't really tell a difference in the Gene and the heat gun roast=
That says a lot, Susan. IMO, the HG/DB is a great roasting method and
trainer. If I had a GC roaster, I can imagine I would notice the
difference in the ultimate batch size limit.
I roasted 800g soon after I started with the HG/DB method. It was
quite cold outside at the time, and I didn't realize how much I needed
to conserve heat. I was pushing 20 minutes, still unable to get 2nd to
At 20:35, they were smoking and 2C was almost starting. I chickened
out by 20:45 because the roast would go to sleep as soon as I backed
away with the HG and diluted the air with the very Cooold ambient.
13F about a year ago.
A poor session - coldest ambient, 2X batch size ever and my new HG
(Wagner) was only 1,200 watts- all changed at once. The Guatemala
Antigua was excellent, nonetheless.
I had gotten a 15# lot of the Guat and always liked it roasted just
into a definite rolling 2nd. There are degrees of "just into a
definite rolling 2nd," however.
Not many coffees like that much of an introduction to Hades, but I
especially like the ones that do. Still learning the ropes so I can
pass the Novice test soon.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
The HG/DB is ready when you are.
On 2/12/07, Fancye9876  wrote:
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9) From: Fancye9876
I find it kinda fun with the HG as I can really hear the cracks.  The  first 
time I jumped when the first pop went off it sounded so loud.  It is  amazing 
how muffled the sounds are in the Gene.  800g is a good size  batch.  I have a 
digital scale but always use oz's as that is what I am  more familiar with.  
I did 8ozs of yellow bourbon in about 12 min I  think.  I forgot to look at my 
watch when I started the cooling.  I  also did 8 oz's of the same thing in 
the Gene and am now comparing the  taste.  The HG does seem to be a little 
stronger but not  bitter.  I am not much of a taster unless it is Harrar or 
something  that has a blueberry. I am going to try some Misty Valley next in both and 
 see if there is any difference.

10) From: Eddie Dove
Please do follow up and let us know of any differences between the two
roasting methods.  I would be very interested in your findings.
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11) From: Brian Kamnetz
Hope you let us know how the experiment with the Misty Valley turns out....
On 2/12/07, Fancye9876  wrote:

12) From: Fancye9876
I will.  Probably be later in the week before I  roast.  

13) From: Vicki Smith
One advantage of a bread machine is that the housing acts to retain 
heat. I don't roast 800 grams, as that is more than we use in a week, 
but I do roast at -20 C in our unheated garage. I suppose you could use 
a bread machine as a sorta dog bowl holder, and stir the beans in the 
usual HG/DB way.
raymanowen wrote:

14) From: Vicki Smith
It takes a few runs to start to get exactly how much control you can 
really have using a HG. The distance from the bean mass and the choice 
of heat gun settings can really let you dial in the amount of heat you 
apply to the beans at any given time. You can make some pretty 
significant adjustments in the ramp up to 1st, the speed at which 1st 
progresses, and the time that elapses between 1st and second.
I'm betting that with some practise you could "match" profiles. Now, 
that would be fun.!!
Fancye9876 wrote:

15) From: Fancye9876
In a message dated 2/13/2007 1:52:44 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
vicki.smith writes:
You can  make some pretty 
significant adjustments in the ramp up to 1st, the speed  at which 1st 
progresses, and the time that elapses between 1st and  second
I have only used the HG 3 or 4 times and the last time I backed off after  
1st for a minute or so before cooling. I have a Milwaukee HG with 2  settings 
and am not sure about the setting to start with.  I have just  been putting it 
on high about an  inch and a half to 2 inches from the  beans and when they go 
into first crack I turn it down to low and  finish.  I still need to get a 
timer to use instead of my watch as my watch  keeps sliding around on my wrist 
and the face is small and hard to see. I am  usually concentrating so much on 
the beans I forget to check the time. I will  try to be more accurate with my 
times on the next batch.   

16) From: raymanowen
"I don't roast 800 grams," says Vicki, and neither do I.
I was only roasting the Guat Antigua at the time and was almost out of
roast. Ray and Naida were out, too.
400g of green fills a 1-qt jar brim full when shaken down at the near-Vienna
roast I was targeting. I needed two batches and thought I'd roast as soon as
the cold spell broke. Wait wait wait- no joy.
Got plenty of space in the Deep mixer Bowl of my Celtic Critic's Kitchen
"Why Not?"
Maybe my new Wagner HG had a lot more power than the Glorious People's
Orange heat gun with switch that made its own smoke, blue fire and sparks as
it went Super Nova after a half dozen roasts. Maybe Not. A hand-held Roman
Candle firework.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Who says roasting coffee is just dull? Send 'em over!

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