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Topic: Sumatra Iskandar / Winter Roasting (8 msgs / 209 lines)
1) From: Dan Kellgren
3rd times a charm.  My first 2 roasts of the Sumatra Iskandar Triple-Pick
yielded less than desirable results.  But this last time, I nailed it!
Wow... all the find characteristics of this Sumatra came through and did not
But the main reason for my post is, am I the only one struggling to roast in
the North East in the winter?  I mean the ambient air is KILLING my roasts.
I use a stove-top popper on a portable burner out on my back porch.  And
when it's 5 degrees F outside, it's a real battle to get a decent roast.
I have to basically over-crank the heat to get a good temp going, which then
tends to cook them too fast.  I'll get a first crack around 3-4 mins and it
lasts for another 3-4 mins, only to find that I'm then into second crack,
and I've got over done beans.
But if I go the other way and keep the heat down, my thermometer reading is
in the low 200's and I'm just making baked beans that never see the light of
2nd crack.
It was a nice 30 F out yesterday and these Sumatra Iskandars came out
fantastic.  But the temps are dropping in Ohio again and I'll be back
battling it again all too soon.
Just wondering if anyone else experiences this and if there are any tips
around this phenom.

2) From: Richard Ferguson
Not sure how big your setup is but would it be possible to partially enclose
your roasting setup?  I have had similar problems with cold temperatures and
my air roaster.  I rigged up a cardboard box with some vents and a chaf
collector that recirculates the heated air.  Worked well for me but i have a
small setup that pairs well with a cardboard box =)  Hope this helps...

3) From: Laura Micucci
I am in PA and I roast on my porch.  When I walk out of my kitchen the house
is to my left, the grill is right in front of me and to the left used to be
wide open to cross winds over 60 acres of farm land.  Now I have a tarp
attached to the poles of the porch that blocks the wind and it's wonderful!
I roasted in 20 degrees the other day and being closed in like that really
helped and as an added advantage, the heat from the grill keeps me warm as
well!  But before that, forget it the wind kept blowing the flame
The things we do for good coffee!
On 2/13/07, Richard Ferguson  wrote:
Laura Micucci

4) From: Dan Kellgren
Yeah - I've done that with air roasters and it works great, but I'm using a
"hand-crank" popcorn popper, so I have to "in the box" too!  :-)
On 2/13/07, Richard Ferguson  wrote:

5) From: Dan Kellgren
I'm OK with wind.  I'm on my back porch which is screened in and my Coleman
stove keeps the flame pretty nice.  But when it's 5-10 F degrees out, forget
it.  :-(
On 2/13/07, Laura Micucci  wrote:

6) From: Barry Luterman
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Yes I know. Didn't want to go outside to roast today because the =
mosquitoes were out.

7) From: Tom Ulmer
Damned mosquitoes...

8) From: Laura Micucci
such a problem!  :oP
On 2/13/07, Tom Ulmer  wrote:
Laura Micucci

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