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Topic: I Missed Harvey :( (8 msgs / 98 lines)
1) From: David F Iseminger
had to stay out of town an extra day now my harvey order is on its second
day at the post office can't pick it up till in the morning
1088-5         SM's Liquid Amber Espresso Blend -5 lbs        1       
$23.06        $23.06
1040-2         Congo Kivu Peaberry -2 lbs                     1        
$8.55         $8.55
1092           SM's Roasted French Chicory -1 lb              1        
$4.80         $4.80
1051           Rwanda Migongo Bourbon  -1 lb                  1        
$5.20         $5.20
1063-2         Java Government Estate Djampit -2 lbs          1        
$9.88         $9.88
1056           Yemen Mokha Sana'ani -1 lb                     1        
$6.40         $6.40

2) From: Eddie Dove
Yes!  Someone else that maximizes Harvey!  I don't need that extra pound ...
but Harvey can carry it!
Just curious, what are your plans for the Chicory?  I believe the Djampit
and Rwandan will revolt!
Let us know what you do with the Chicory and the results.
Errare humanun est - sed perseverare diabolicum
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3) From: David F Iseminger
I use the chicory to make cafe au lait.  usualy with malabar or kenya AA.
 I love the Monsooned Malabar.  always have several pounds on hand and am
glad to see it getting some love at last on this list

4) From: Eddie Dove
Per Dennis ... are you a hippie?
On 2/13/07, David F Iseminger  wrote:

5) From: David F Iseminger
reformed hippy.  I was rolling on the floor as I read about Jerry Garcia
serving my favorite coffee.  I did spend a chunk of my twenties with
Jerry and the boys following me from town to town most of the summer. 
lots of memories

6) From: Brett Mason
Tell us more... Here's tp dancing Java Beans
On 2/13/07, David F Iseminger  wrote:

7) From: David F Iseminger
tell you more?  what do you want to know?

8) From:
Great choices, enjoy.
---- David F Iseminger  wrote: 

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