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Topic: Wither goest Kona? (8 msgs / 230 lines)
1) From: Paul Jolly
Man, I'm chomping at the bit!  Does anyone know the whereabouts of the 'new shipment' from Skip & Rita?
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2) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Man, I'm chomping at the bit!  Does anyone know the whereabouts of 
the 'new shipment' from Skip & Rita?
Rita is trying to get together enough of the Blue Mountain to send to 
us. We have Kona Purple Mountain on the way too. At first, I was 
ambivalent about the samples, but after extending the roast slightly, 
and going a bit darker than I usually do with Konas, I found the 
Purple Mountain cup I really liked. It's got a deeper tone and more 
chocolate, so FC+ roast and even a tad more is very appropriate. The 
preparation of the lot looks great too, so I expect it will come in 
very nice (probably about 10 days).
By the way, this might have been an issue in general, that early 
high-grown Konas tasted a bit flat, with Skip and Rita's being the 
glowing exception. I think people rush the coffee through processing 
sometimes, shortening the rest period in parchment. I got a lot of 
"green" flavors in the early Konas, as well as phenolic defect 
popping up every so often. It makes it seem extra stupid that they 
hold the competition in Nov. That's way too early for most farms, 
especially the ones with best altitude where cherry ripens later.
You know, in years we have been short on Kona, I have made efforts to 
talk to Greenwells and Mountain Thunder about doing special lots, 
farm-specific, or extra prep. But they don't have much motivation to 
do this. They buy coffee cherry or process for others, and what they 
offer under their own name gets mixed with everything else. Greenwell 
saves their own farm coffee for roasting. Everything else they have 
is simply local cherry purchases, with no traceability. That's not 
how I like things. I talked with Mountain Thunder about doing some 
extra passes on the density sorter to form a special lot for us, but 
they flaked out. I hate to say it, but that is not atypical in Kona! 
Anyway, I am not simply set on buying from the same 3 farms we have 
worked with each year, I am always open to finding good coffee from 
Kona. I mean, the most reliable people who have reached out lately 
are from Koa ... but I feel this coffee is not at all on par with 
true small-farm high grown Kona.
Anyway, that's an update...
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3) From: Floyd Lozano
not that i am an expert, but my guess is that people are simply willing to
buy the junk because they slapped the label 'kona' on it, and why put more
effort into it if people are going to buy it anyway and say it takes good
because it's Kona.  and it's going to be that way until they devalue the
brand so much that people figure out they are getting played and start to
seek real quality (think Sony).  i like a good kona too but if i have to
wait another year for one, so be it.  there's a world of great coffee out
On 2/14/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

4) From: Aaron
Tom after being stationed in Hawaii and Guam and other places. that's 
the typical 'island attitude' in many people....
Another thing I see, as Floyd beat me to the keyboard is. people go gogo 
over Kona anyways, regardless of the quality, they see the name Kona and 
will pay their $15 a pound,  now burn it, put it in a charbucks bag and 
they'll gladly pay $20 a pound for it.. .. you get my point.
since the stuff is a 'guaranteed seller' pretty much anyways, why do 
extra work, why go through all that extra hastle when you got the stuff 
sold to begin with ... with a lot less work.
IF they did the extra mile for you, how much would they probably want to 
charge $25 a pound / $40 a pound,??? .. I for one would not pay that 
much for a kona, so even with your best intentions, you'd not get a sale 
from me... no offense.  They have been doing it this way for a while now 
and so far it's working well for them.  why in their eyes, should they 

5) From: Coffeenut
If you happen to revisit this thread, could you comment on Smith Farms?  Are
they ever in the running from your perspective and standards?  I appreciate
and enjoy the Kona's you have brought to us, especially the Purple Mountain.
Also, I recall a Kona on your list (years ago) that was some cross of
Jamaica Blue Mountain and a Kona?  I recall buying that one from you just
once, but don't recall if that is Skip and Rita's farm or some other farm.

6) From: Frank Parth
I have to agree with Floyd. Last fall my parents went to Hawaii for two weeks. I told my mother to buy me some Kona coffee, but only green beans. So what does she do? Comes back with two pounds of over-roasted and ground coffee, and tells me how expensive it was. By the time it got to me, it was just bad. I tried one cup and couldn't make any more. I didn't have the heart to tell her she wasted her money. 
Frank Parth
P.S. Last fall I was in Dubai and was able to buy a few kilos of various kinds of green beans. One of them was actually quite interesting. If anyone wants to try some, I'm going back to Dubai in a couple of weeks and am going to pick up some more. 
On Wednesday, February 14, 2007, at 04:59PM, "Floyd Lozano"  wrote:

7) From: Jeff Oien
Aaron wrote:
Did anyone see the show Dirty Jobs where they were on a Kona farm?
The dirty part was compost. But they roast on site with the daughter
doing the roasting. I'll give you one guess what the roast level was.
I can't imagine roasting a Kona like that, especially the people who
grow it. I think it was Mountain Thunder but I may be wrong on that.

8) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
I am also interested is knowing how Tom would rate Smithfarms Kona, 
compared to the others sold on SweetMaria's.
It is the only Kona I've ever tried.
Dave S.
Coffeenut wrote:

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