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1) From: John - wandering Texas
Well being old and having no memory, I cannot remember if it was Chris or
Steve that talked me into trying Harar Horse.  I roasted up a bunch and let
it settle. I Brewed a pot and was unimpressed.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't
memorable at all.  Today I finally got around to making a couple of Espresso
shots with it and W O W!!  This is COFFEE!  I love it.   So all this time I
guess everyone has been making Espresso with it, and because of my
adventures with the Cona, I wasn't even thinking in those terms.
Whomever it was - thank you!!
John - getting back to normal - what ever that is.
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2) From: Greg Scace
One of the fun things about home roasting is that you can try out so many 
different kinds of coffees and roast each one to various degrees in pursuit 
of the perfect cuppa.  The amount of knowledge that some folx have wrt 
different coffees and roast is so daunting that I rarely open my mouth 
about this topic since I've only been roasting for about 10 months.  But I 
have to say that I love Harar as both vac pot coffee and espresso shots.  I 
prefer it roasted to just a couple of snaps into second crack.  As soon as 
I can identify the different tone of the snaps, I hit the cool button on my 
Alp.  This preserves the berry taste, which I find extraordinary.  I mix 
Harar 50/50 with Brazilian Mogiani roasted to a fast second crack to add 
some sweetness.  So far, this is my favorite espresso blend, but I am by no 
means an expert in this area.
  I believe Ted Simpson suggests Harar, a Brazilian and a Central American 
as one of his fave blends.
-Greg Scace
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3) From: Les and Becky
I am out of Horse at the present time, and really did enjoy a 50/50 with the
"Fat Bean."  I still have a pound of  "Fat Bean" left.  I really have been
enjoying the Columbian I just roasted up.  I don't remember which one I
ordered from Tom, I just added it to an order to get my shipping weight up
to what I wanted.  It really is a nice cup of coffee.  Good balance, depth
and aftertaste.  My other selection for the week is Ethiopian Yergee.  What
a great cup of coffee.  Being in Oregon, I can roast outside most of the
time, so I just let the chaff go.  I think that much of the problem with not
getting an even roast is roasting too hot in the air poppers.  I have found
that using a 3 oz (by weight) of the dry processed beans in the poppers
helps get the chaff out and you get a more even roast.  I can't wait to get
my stock down so I can order some more Horse.  Enjoying our great hobby, and
enjoying the roast posts rather than the grinder and brewing roasts.
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4) From: Kelly G. Wilson
I am completely mad for the harar horse. I just use a little freshroast
plus - nothing high end.  But I watch it close as the roast develops.
Anyhow, the horse is wonderful, spicy, complex. I am a big fan of the
africans more generally, but this one is special. Just ordered 5 lbs. I
personally like it about 10 seconds into second crack. It is one of the
naturals, so you have to like that sort of complex earthiness to like this
coffee. The uneveness in roast is no biggie - a few beans on the really
light side sometimes, but you can just pick them out if you want. Wonderful
in a press pot btw.
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5) From: Owen Davies
Among other very helpful comments about Harar Horse, Kelly G. Wilson wrote:
Some of the best news of all.  Thus far, a press pot is my favorite way of
making coffee, though for certain varieties a vac pot seems mandatory.
We'll see how things stack up after the Moka Brew arrives, some time in the
next ten days or so.
Owen Davies

6) From: Les & Becky
I agree!  I really like the horse too.  I had the Sumatra DP as a straight
roast for the first time.  I always used in my Mocha Java blend.  It is a
great single origin too!

7) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
You know, it is actually pretty hard to find a good lot of harar from 
the MAO horse export mark - I think he ships about 15 containers a 
year and we but coffee from 1 or maybe 2 lots. All his coffee is 
fairly good but the difference between a so-so harar and a really 
good one is huge, especially in the really volitle aromas and clean 
fruit accents. Actually, I always cup all the other harar offers to, 
which amounts to about double that amount, but oggsadey (horse) is 
usually the best. Oromia co-op has had some other great Ethiopians, 
like the FT Yirg and FT Sidamo we have this year. Everything else is 
Anyway, The point I was getting to is that the current lot we have, 
which I think is really great, is running low. I have just one other 
possible source that I havent cupped and the samples are in the mail. 
But this is a non-horse lot - so we may run out of Harar for 1-2 
months starting in late Feb if nothing else pans out. Better to run 
out of a great coffee than stock a mediocre one.
BTW, this is really a great Ghimbi year... which is not always the case.
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8) From: Brian Mitchell
Good Morning Everyone. Just  a quick question. I good friend of mine had the
pleasure of trying some of the 'Harar Horse' last year (Dave reminded me of
this in his last post). I became very interested to try it, but he was all
out. Does anyone know if more of this will become available soon? I will
cross my fingers.

9) From:
Is there a special lot you want?
I have enough of lot 30 to send you some.
If you would like to try it out, not cost obligation here; just send me a note off list with your address.
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---- Brian Mitchell  wrote: 

10) From: Justin Marquez
On 2/28/07, Brian Mitchell  wrote:
Brian - One thing you can do to possibly get a heads-up on what *may*
be in process for Sweet Maria's is to review Tom's Cupping Log (link
available at the bottom of the "Green Coffee Offerings" page.  Just
scroll down to the bottom of the list and see what he's been
evaluating and what he thought of it. Just because he likes it doesn't
always mean he can get it, but you can be pretty sure that if it
doesn't score higher that 85 you probably won't see it for sale there.
If it scores 88 or hgher, there is a pretty good possibility he'll be
seriously considering it. Of course, there are other folks vying for
the same good coffees as well, so often times he may like it, want it,
but didn't get it because someone else did.  (Much like what we
experience when Tom gets in a fantastic microlot...Peru
Tunquimayo - Juan de Dios  for instance - gone in a couple of days!)
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

11) From: Jeff Oien
Justin Marquez wrote:
If others aren't aware of these types of services, I usehttp://www.watchthatpage.com/for the green offerings page and the cupping log page. Then I don't have 
to check all the time to see if anything changed. It's especially nice 
for the cupping log since that doesn't change much.
I can't remember if anyone posted but there is also this:http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.prod.timetable.shtmlJeffO

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