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1) From: Jason Ashbaugh
First off, a quick shout of agreement with Dan on the Slackware front...
I've been home roasting for a few months, adoring what it's done for my
presspot enjoyment. I just finished tweaking this iteration of my SC/TO (I
call it the j-Roast 2)... and the most horrifically humorous experience
happened to me this evening.
My mom is in town, she likes coffee. She likes european style coffee in
fact, so she was very excited to try the homeroasted / presspot result.
I tossed my 3 day old Misty Valley into the Rocky, set on 31... grind away
my usual amount (26 oz of water worth), and as I tap my ground cup into the
press... I watch the whole side shatter.
Now, my wife can't drink stale storebought coffee. It kills her stomach. I
have now destroyed the means of providing coffee for mom and wife. I am in a
world of smelly stuff. On top of the fridge I spot my hardly used Gevalia
drip coffee maker and I'm torn. I can't brew in that thing, it's a terrible
coffee maker someone bought me as a nice gesture.
But, with a hacksaw and rotary tool, I did turn it into a #4 filtercone
holder w/ carafe. I am still giggling at the Frankenstein brewer that's
sitting on my counter. Once I get time I'll toss up some pictures of it, but
I've been wanting to join in and this seemed like an inspired time to share
something with everyone. Gevalia does make a good filtercone, they just
don't know it.
Jason Ashbaugh
"'Turn the other cheek' was never meant to be an idealistic aphorism, but
instead a way of living."

2) From: Brett Mason
Pictures... pls post link to pictures...
On 2/21/07, Jason Ashbaugh  wrote:

3) From: raymanowen
I'm shickled titless!
I have A Plan for such an eventuality, when it happens to me.
My 10c Technivorm carafe will hold 38oz when the bottom of the liquid
meniscus is right at the bottom of the handle's band around the neck.
I grind 40 - 60g of beans at a 50 - 55 grinder setting right into the TV
carafe and pour in 32oz of water at a full boil. The bloom is volcanic, but=
What an Aromaahh! It practically blew me away when I stirred it down! (It
was 30g of Ethiopian Harar Lot 30, + 30g of Sumatra Mandailing, my only
blend ever.)
I know what you're thinking- "Full boil?"
Altitude Has Its Privileges- water boils at 200F- 201F here, dependin=
g on
the barometric pressure- AHIP, like the military term.
Add maybe 2oz more boiling water- Still like Mt. Pinatubo, and still
incredible Aromaahh when stirred! I covered it and set it in the microwave
to steep, buzz 30s to recover brewing temperature.
At 3 minutes total time I decant a small cup through the #4 Gold cone/ TV
basket for a sample. The fresh ground coffee almost floored me, the bloom
was fabulous and the little demi was beyond it all. I scored big points wit=
my Celtic Critic when I had gold filtered the rest of the pot into my glass
Thermos airpot at about 4 minutes total.
The filtering stopped the extraction- brewing process, and it was Drop Dead
Gorgeous at the end of 4 minutes' brewing. But the cup wouldn't stop! It wa=
absolutely improved after several more seconds in a 6oz coffee mug I pumped
for my Celt.
Remember the Capitol One commercial? My in- laws, except they showed up on
big motorcycles on our anniversary years ago. What a riot!
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
AHIP - Altitude Has Its Privileges. Water boils at 200 F here (5413ft ne=
Denver town)

4) From: Patrick S. Harper
I can't wait to see that

5) From: Jason Ashbaugh
For all who wanted to see it, in all it's glory:http://www.fellowshipofthebean.com/frankenbrew/I reduced the image sizes considerably, so it should load pretty quick. Let
me know if you have problems seeing the photos. That's all there is to the
site for now, I haven't had time to get my real roaster and other things
"blogged" yet.
Jason Ashbaugh
"'Turn the other cheek' was never meant to be an idealistic aphorism, but
instead a way of living."

6) From: Brett Mason
Its Beeoootifull
On 2/22/07, Jason Ashbaugh  wrote:

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