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Topic: Bandwith is getting a little wide! (14 msgs / 287 lines)
1) From: Les
As one of the list watchers for Tom, I must say there are way too many OT
posts happening again.  I just hate having to wade through so many OT
things.  This is a Coffee List.  With so many great new coffees, I want to
hear about coffee.  I'll be roasting up the CoE from Peru tomorrow.  I am
excited!  I enjoy following the new members into their discoveries.  I just
got off a belly busting website of jokes about Minnesota.  I only care if
your computer operating system gets your SM messages on the forum, both of
mine do.  So please let me enjoy some of the coffees I can't order because
of stash reduction by hearing about them from you.  Let me drool over some
of your new equipment.

2) From: Kevin
Here , here.  Yesterday was a bit thin on the coffee discussion.  On
topic, I experienced one of those rare great leaps forward in coffee
evolution, similar to the time I went from pre-ground to whole bean
and then from store bought to fresh roasting.  I brewed a batch of FC
Misty Valley roasted by Jeremy DeFranco (list member) in a Bialetti
Moka pot.  Absolutely the best tasting coffee I've ever had.  I've
become a moka pot supporter.  I'm using it this morning as again.  Ah,
nothing starts a day off like SM fresh roasted in a moka pot!
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

3) From: Patrick S. Harper
I need to look into this moka pot stuff I keep hearing about.  As much as I
hear people talk about it there must be something to it and I can never
resist a new gadget especially for coffee.  I need to find someone in Dallas
with one so I can try it.

4) From: Kevin
I recommend the aluminum pot over the Stainless Steal (SS).  It's just
as sturdy as the SS (don't let the heavier SS fool you, AL is strong
enough to be used in airplane superstructures, it's strong enough to
brew coffee in), it heats extremely fast and it's lighter.  I haven't
noticed a metallic taste to the coffee at all, just nice smooth strong
coffee with a little bit of bitter bite to it (good bitter, not bad
bitter, similar to a good India Pale Ale hoppy beer where you want a
little bitter).  It's not true espresso from what I gather from this
list discussion but it's better than any espresso I've purchased
commercially from a coffee house (not saying much though is it...).
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

5) From: Leo Zick
You can always try an Americano with it, add some hot water to dilute to a
normal sized cup of joe. Ive never tried, but it sounds like it would work.
Or, for the really adventurous, use it for kahlua!

6) From: Brett Mason
How in the world did Jeremy roast the coffee in a Bialetti Moka pot?
Again, pictures please.
Meanwhile I am drinking Colombia - La Esperanza - dripped in a
Clarity, and as always, loving it....
On 2/22/07, Kevin  wrote:

7) From: Kevin
It wasn't roasted in the moka pot, bad grammar on my part.  I brewed
it in a moka pot. I loved it.
My home coffee roasting blog:http://homecoffeeroastblog.blogspot.com/Kevin

8) From: Jim Carter
The slowest animals in the herd get eaten.   I'm just sayin' .....
Kevin wrote:

9) From: Wesley Simon
Hi Les,
I appreciate your input on this topic as well as coffee and coffee
roasting.  You and this list have contributed immensely to my coffee
roasting and brewing experience.  I've been on the list since late 2005 and
have learned a great deal from everyone's experience.
About a month ago, I made the request that people put "OT" in the subject
line, as Tom suggests in his list rules, when sending a post that is off
topic.  I've been on lists that discouraged off topic posts, but didn't
enforce any rules.  These lists eventually become so watered down that the
true discussion topic is rarely discussed.  Conversely, I've been on lists
that were very extreme in their rules: a single off topic post would be
bounced back to the sender and the sender unsubscribed.  In the same list,
users who send questions that have already been answered in a list FAQ are
usually flamed.  Some people enjoy the off-topic banter and have the time to
wade through the noise to pick out the signal, but I really don't.
I hope the discussion can get back to coffee and related items or people can
start using the "OT" nomenclature that Tom suggests...
On 2/21/07, Les  wrote:

10) From: Brian Kamnetz
On the other hand, my Bialetti Stainless Steel moka pot from Tom and Maria
is WAY prettier than any of the aluminum moka pots I have seen.... I enjoy
just looking at it, and I think that makes it even more fun to use. (Though
it isn't as pretty as it used to be, before I took the lid off....)
*Bialetti Stainless Steel Moka Pot*
On 2/22/07, Kevin  wrote:

11) From: Jeff Oien
Thank you.
One question somebody posted that I don't think got answered, unless
I missed it is-could anyone compare the newest crop of the Brazil
Cachoeira da Grama Yellow Bourbon compared to the first crop from
Les wrote:

12) From: Angelo
Funny, I didn't see a word about coffee homeroasting in the post 
below. Nor did I see the "OT" warning in the subject line.. It seems 
that the best way to get the subject back to coffee is to write about 
coffee and NOT about OT posts..
The beat goes on...

13) From: Brett Mason
True Angelo.  "Coffee Roasting" is actually two words.  Explains the
confusion about not seeing one word about coffee homeroasting...  But,
we assumed the "home" part of roasting, cause Les usually roasts at
home.  There was inside knowledge on that post.
On 2/23/07, Angelo  wrote:

14) From: Brett Mason
OK, my bad - Wes was on topic.  I have lost my mind today...  I must
need espresso worse than I recognized...
On 2/23/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

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