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Topic: Gaggia + Rocky on the way - what coffee to try first? (8 msgs / 175 lines)
1) From: Carole Zatz
Well, there are at least two things I need to learn first off. One,
how to grind the coffee properly for a good pull; and two, how to
tamp, etc. I think maybe if I use a coffee I already know pretty well
(at least as drip) it might be easier overall. So as I think about it
more, my inclination is to use my own roasted beans.
On 2/23/07, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:

2) From: Coffeenut
Strongly agree with Mike on this point.  If you've ever made espresso from
pre-ground coffee (like Illy), you're gonna get a pull so fast that it's not
funny.  No way to get a decent shot from that stuff...I've tried.

3) From: Barry Luterman
Defeats the whole purpose of buying the Rocky and home roasting. No matter 
what the screw-up it still has to be better than canned ground coffee.

4) From: Carole Zatz
I got some Illy when I bought my current grinder  a Bodum Antigua.
Believe it or not they actually included cans of both beans and ground
coffee with the order! Not so good even when brewed.
I really am excited in trying out the Rocky, so I'd hate to skip that step.
BTW, left a message with SM but not holding out much hope. I think I'm
going to be 'wired' for quite some time :)
On 2/23/07, Coffeenut  wrote:

5) From: Vicki Smith
They close early on Fridays now. I'm thinking it is a Ben thing :).
Carole Zatz wrote:

6) From: Mike Chester
It has been mentioned before, but I would also recommend Monkey Blend as a 
good blend to start and learn with.  It has a good familiar flavor and has a 
large window for roasting and brewing variables, (It is harder to mess up 
than SOs)  Whatever bean or blend you start with, stay with that one until 
you master it, then move on to others.  If you change beans in the 
beginning, there are too many variables and it makes it harder to figure out 
why a particular shot is good or bad.  Try to change only one variable at a 
time to see what happens.  With all the talk about minute changes in 
temperature and grind making big differences, I think, sometimes a beginner 
gets frightened too much.  Getting an acceptable shot is not that difficult. 
When you get to that point, you will be getting better drinks than many 
coffee shops serve.  The journey from acceptable to great is where all the 
small variables come into play.  You will only make that trip with 
experience and if you have the desire.
Mike Chester

7) From: Ross
I have a burlap bag of the Panama Boquette too, how do you roast yours?
........... hooked up the bread machine, and roasted

8) From: Carole Zatz
I've been roasting Panama Boquette to Full City, as SM recommends. I
stop it after first crack has fully completed and just before second
crack starts. I let it go a little bit into turning darker after first
crack is over. If you haven't had it yet, you're in for a treat! Tons
of berry, lots of body  it's a super coffee.
I've ordered the Sumatra 'Blue Batak' because of the comments on the
list here and I have high hopes for it as well.
On 2/25/07, Ross  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

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