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1) From: Brett Mason
Thank goodness someone is counting the number of email posts and
keeping us informed as to content, subject line and appropriateness to
list rules.
On the other hand I just had a great pot of decaf - El Salvador PN Las
Ranas WP Decaf that Harvey dropped off today.  I would have rested the
right time, except that I was ready for some great coffee tonight.  SO
I just roasted, rested an hour, and pulled a pot on the Melitta
Now I feel bad for labelling my email counting rant as OT since
there's some coffee content...  These rules are so darned confounding.
 I remember when we just discussed coffee and other topics like a
friendly list....
On 2/23/07, Angelo  wrote:

2) From: Eddie Dove
Harvey just dropped some of that off at my home last week.  He sure gets
around ... I believe Del Shannon sang a song reminiscent of this.
How and to what degree did you roast it?  Would you please describe the cup?
Errare humanun est - sed perseverare diabolicum
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3) From: Brett Mason
I went FC+ with one hour rest, drip with some non-fat creamer...  wife
and son joined me and loved it...
How was dinner out?
On 2/23/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

4) From: Eddie Dove
Bloating!  Chinese buffet ... I love various sushi with wasabi paste ...
I scared the crap out of Wyatt with the crab legs ...
Found some Simple Green and bought what's necessary to change the oil in my
wife's Jeep.
On 2/23/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
Errare humanun est - sed perseverare diabolicum
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5) From: Vicki Smith
Eddie, be careful with the Simple Green. It's designed to be a safe, 
environmentally friendly cleaner, but  some folks (including myself) 
have major problems using it in a spray/mist form. It can be nasty stuff 
when inhaled. In fact, some years back, one of my friends had a long 
interaction with the manufacturer about this, the outcome of which was 
that they said she had done something wrong by using it in "her" spray 
Eddie Dove wrote:

6) From: Vicki Smith
I am not sure that moving this into a discussion of Simple Green is 
really off topic, as many folks use it for removing coffee oils, one of 
it's original purposes.http://consumer.simplegreen.com/cons_faqs.phpInhalation - Is inhaling Simple Green hazardous to my health?
Problems can result if the mist of Simple Green is breathed into the 
nose or throat. This is true of practically every cleaner on the market. 
Because Simple Green contains surfactants (surface-active-agents) and 
because surfactants have the ability to lift grease, oil and soils up 
off of surfaces, an aggravation of the mucous membranes of the nose and 
throat can result from breathing in misted particles of the product. 
This can cause sore throat, sore nose, sore sinuses, coughing and -in 
extreme cases- a tightness in the chest. Although uncomfortable, Simple 
Green is non-toxic and these are completely reversible symptoms. Persons 
with chronic asthma, emphysema, or other lung conditions should take 
precautions and avoid breathing in surfactant mists.
Care should be taken when spraying Simple Green above the level of one's 
head, or using mechanical applicators that create mist (pressure 
sprayers, steam cleaners, etc.) Additionally, Simple Green products are 
sold in spray bottles that create a coarse droplet spray that is not 
easily inhaled. If using a spray bottle other than a Simple Green spray 
bottle, take care not to breathe in any mist. Use Simple Green in a 
well-ventilated area or, in more extreme cases or cases of impaired lung 
condition, use of a fiber painter's mask (found in hardware and home 
improvement stores) will greatly reduce the risk of inhalation problems.

7) From:
gee, I did not have dinner out but the beer coffee was great at lunch today Brett.
new PF Changs place in Scottsdale, Taneko is fabulous.
---- Brett Mason  wrote: 

8) From: Lynne Biziewski
Thanks, Vicki, for finding that link.
Although uncomfortable, Simple
Yeah, but with asthma, emphysema, or other lung conditions, it can't be
reversible if you end up dead!

9) From: Brett Mason
AS I am drinking my Mexico Nayarit, and tasting the fruitiness and
rustic bittersweet, I realize I really like PFChangs too.  The closest
is in Des Moines, about two hours each way.  We have a local place
called Pei's, and they just moved into a new building - it's pretty
close for ambiance, and only a mile away.
Visitors to our house can stay in Ginny's room (guest room), and yes
this is an invite to the list...  We can do Pei's, lots of roasting
and brewing, and if the espresso machine is still three units in
partial states of assembly, we could finiish that too...
Wish we were close enough to do coffee and beer and Haute Chinese with
you Ginny!
Brett & Deb
On 2/24/07, pchforever  wrote:

10) From: Angelo
I'm sure that after a couple of snorts of Simple Green, your next cup 
of coffee may not taste as good.
Oops, did I take this out of OT? I'm confused as to how I should have 
labeled this..?
  Monitors, help us out here!

11) From: Michael Wascher
Nark it OT (for ON-Topic)?
On 2/24/07, Angelo  wrote:
"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but
planning is indispensable." --Dwight D. Eisenhower

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