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Topic: Yemen Mokha Mattari Full City+ (10 msgs / 193 lines)
1) From: Laura Micucci
Hi All!
Has anyone roasted this coffee?  What are you  thoughts?
I roasted it last weekend a few snaps into second in my popper and I waited
14 hours as per Tom's review.  I must be honest, YUK! was my first
impression.  It had a *very* rustic taste with an aftertaste I did not
like.  I tried it thoughout the week though using different methods (FP,
moka pot, Presto).  Well today I had the last of it in my FP.  WOW, did this
coffee come around!  I'm sorry it's gone.  The rustic taste faded a bit
although it was still there and it took on a smooth bittersweet flavor.  I
cannot seem to taste all the fruit flavors y'all can taste or at least I
cannot identify them as such, but as Tom says this is an intense, layered,
and rustic and complex cup! Looking forward to adding it to my roasting
again next weekend!
Laura Micucci

2) From: Jeff Oien
Laura Micucci wrote:
Thanks for the report. Is this your first Yemen? Assuming it is, when 
you said YUK and rustic I thought, I bet I will like this one. Although 
I don't normally like posts that say, "I will be roasting this" (wait 
until *after* you taste it to comment on it! You guys kill me with 
this), I will be roasting this in a week or so. Sorry being a hypocrite.
Based on your report I will be sure to keep it on hand for at least a 
week and see how it changes.

3) From: Laura Micucci
Hmm, looking back in my notes that I have been keeping since December
(started roasting in September-ish) it's seems that this may have been my
first Yemen

4) From: Jeff Oien
I've had this now on two days rest and love it. Whenever Tom qualifies a 
review I usually lower my expectations. But this was much better than I 
thought it would be. A great Yemen with the molasses sweetness, winey 
berry fruit and is very gamey and wild in a good way-what a Yemen should 
be, which some people don't like. All very balanced at the same time. 
I'm getting very mild spice in the aftertaste after finishing the cup. 
This is the antithesis of a "wimpy central" (old list joke).
I did a no frills slow even ramp up to first crack in RK drum, 2 1/2 or 
so minutes between end of first and second, with just three snaps of 
second. Seemed to turn out perfect even though it's my first roast of it.
I was reading a parody of a wine review that said, "This is a bottle 
with a message in, and the message is 'beware'." I thought that was apt 
for those who haven't tried Yemen.
Laura Micucci wrote:

5) From: Jeff Oien
Jeff Oien wrote:
I didn't mean for that to sound conceited. I just meant that it seemed 
to turn out well even though I don't have other roasts of this bean to 
compare it to.
I will be trying it with Java Prince.

6) From: Tom Ulmer
Are you offering this for the roasting deities so that they don't frown on
you next time?

7) From: Jeff Oien
I don't believe in roasting deities but I'm sure I'll do exactly the 
same profile next time and it will turn out different!
Tom Ulmer wrote:

8) From: Laura Micucci
Hi Jeff!  Thanks for the follow up.  I appreciate it! I tasted the same
things you did, except for the fruit, which makes me happy because it means
I'm getting a bit better since everything used to taste just like, well,
coffee to me.  The only thing I don't get is the fruit tastes?  My guess is
I taste them but I'm not indentifying them as "fruit".  Who knows. I am
going to try this one again in my drum to see the difference in the cups.
when you say "3 snaps into second".  Is that when you pulled to dump or did
it snap as you dumped the beans.  I'm asking because sometimes it takes me a
bit of time to pull the drum, open it, dump etc.  Just trying to get my
timing down...
On 3/2/07, Jeff Oien  wrote:
Laura Micucci

9) From: Leo Zick
I used this in my latest espresso blend, im quite happy with it

10) From: Jeff Oien
The fruit didn't jump out at me like a really acidic/bright bean but it 
was definitely there for me.
When I heard the first snap of second I got the drum out of there and 
there were a couple more snaps on the way to cooling. Most of my roasts 
lately have been going very gently into second when going that far. I 
wanted to keep it as light as possible at FC+ because I don't licorice 
or super pungent tastes in the darker Yemens and Harars.
Would be interesting to hear a comparison between the popper and drum.
Laura Micucci wrote:

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