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does the dig panel make a difference folks. is it worth 100 bucks to swap out old for new?

2) From: Floyd Lozano
along these lines, has anyone gotten the new uberdigital version, and which
of the 3 is the best bang for your buck?  I am liking my dogbowl results so
far, but I would also like to compare with drum-style roasting and have not
yet decided which to start saving up for.
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3) From:
I have the analog and love it. I am just curious if the extra 100 bucks will change my roast.
my guess is not but...
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4) From: Mike Chester
I bought a used analog model Hottop about a year ago and shortly after 
bought the digital upgrade.  I did not use it very long with the analog 
panel so I don't know if there is a different profile programmed into it 
which would affect the actual roast, but it is much more convenient to 
operate.  It displays a digital readout of time and temperature which makes 
record keeping easier.  The other difference that I see is that with the 
analog panel, the rear fan turns on full when the unit is started, but with 
the digital panel, it does not come on until later in the cycle and has 
variable speeds.  This may affect the roast somewhat.  Since you say that 
you are happy with the analog control, it probably would not be worth the 
additional cost to you.  You have already learned to live with its 
limitations.  For me, it seems worthwhile.
The new programmable controller sounds nice, but I cannot justify its cost - 
YET.  As I hear more from the early adapters, I may change my opinion on 
Mike Chester

5) From:
Thanks for your input. I am happy with the Hot Top analog. 
I am clear on your description and evaluation of the digital panel. The fan info and stuff is what I was looking for in an evaluation of the panel.
As far a limitations I am not sure I am clear on your points there. 
Thanks so much.
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6) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
We have upgraded our very old, summer 2002 Hottop to the programmable 
unit and I love the capabilities of the programmable design.  You ask if 
it is worth the money.  Only you can answer that question.  We are just 
two, with occasional visitor, and the 250g size is perfect for us.  A 
bigger, professional unit would roast too much coffee which would be 
stale before we could use it all.  The 250g seems like the perfect size 
for personal use.
Let me repeat my thoughts about the programmable Hottop I shared with 
Ginny before.
If you like to get an excellent cup of coffee, if you want to try 
getting different aromas and flavors, if you want complicate your 
roasting life by trying different  profiles, I believe that the 
Programmable Hottop is the way to go.
So far, I have very little experience with different profiles, and to 
keep it not too complicated, I am (for now) sticking to one type of 
beans (in fact a blend of two coffees) I liked from the original 
Hottop.  From the very limited programmable Hottop experience, I can 
tell you that different profiles do make a very noticeable difference.
However, I realize it will be a lot of experimentation, note taking, and 
coffee tasting -- trying to discover what changes to the profile result 
in what changes to the aroma and the taste of the drink.
So far, I have, for example, no idea what the effect of the fan OFF or 
fan running at different speeds during different time segments of the 
profile is.  The same is true for the other parameters you can change. A 
lot of things to learn and discover.
Do I feel the upgrade will make the roasted coffee better then it has 
been? I know that in the beginning the upgrade will make the roasted 
coffee either about the same, or better, or worse, then it has been from 
the old Hottop. I am sure that I will learn how to make it consistently 
Should you upgrade? I think it depends on the type of a person you are, 
if you are a satisfier or a maximizer.
Exactly as you would expect, the satisfier makes a decision once he or 
she finds something that works and is "good enough". A maximizer must 
look at every possibility and consider every pro and con before he or 
she has made a decision.
I believe that the closer you are to being a maximizer, the more you 
will like the Programmable Hottop. In my opinion, for a pure satisfier, 
the regular Hottop is the machine to use.
Why did I do an upgrade?  I am always leaning to being a maximizer. I 
love our old Hottop, but if I can get an even better roasted coffee, I 
want it!
Let us know your decision!

7) From: Barbara Greenspon
I love it, Ginny.  I've had it since it was available, and I think it  
makes a difference.
On Feb 25, 2007, at 10:40 AM,   

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Thanks. I was not sure if it would be enough of a difference/challenge to roast with since I could most likely roast in my original with my hands tied behind my back.
Am on the ready to order. I must decide what beans I must (?) have first?
thanks Barbara,
---- Barbara Greenspon  wrote: 

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