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Topic: OT Thanks to the list (10 msgs / 193 lines)
1) From: David F Iseminger
In the next few days I will be unsubscribing to the list and I wanted to
convey my thanks to all that are onboard.  Two weeks tomorrow we will
pick up a rental truck and move from GA to very rural SW VA (Clintwood)
for the next 12 months.  We have a lot to do there and a short time to
get it done.  That coupled with no local access numbers for my present
ISP leave me with not much choice but to take a break from this list.
I have learned much and gained valuable insite in the time I have been
around and for that I thank you.  2008 will bring new tasks and perhaps I
can get Back on.
thanks again

2) From: Scott Marquardt
On 2/25/07, David F Iseminger  wrote:
Just now I'd happily take your place. Hard work, you say? In the
boonies, you say? Rural, you say?http://snipurl.com/1bb1xIt's funny how Google is quick to bump the resolution on urban
centers. A blessing, really. If people could virtually see such areas
[as this] in detail, they'd be fleeing the urburbs in a heartbeat.
Best of luck in whatever you're doing.
- Scott

3) From: Brett Mason
I fled the uburbs myself...
Brought my coffee with me, and with a more rural cost of living, I get
more SM Coffee out of my budget!
PS - no tiny Earl...
http://www.google.com/maps?q=Cedar+Rapids,+IA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=imageOn 2/25/07, Scott Marquardt  wrote:

4) From: Aaron
David, I believe sprint and a few other companies have some kind of 
wireless anywhere in the usa thingie plan that you can throw a card into 
your computer and it uses cellphone frequencies and you can get internet 
there's also clearwire if they are available in your area.
Sorry to see you go but understand they why's of it.
Good luck in your ventures if you do not find a way to get back on .  I 
will be looking forward to when you do return with your stories to catch 
us up on a year worth of your experiences.

5) From:
Have a safe 12 months and do return please.
---- David F Iseminger  wrote: 

6) From: Derek Bradford
I have to say, Brett, that's a pretty populated-looking area...
On 2/26/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
-- http://www.novernae.comHome of the Wandering Sloth

7) From: Brett Mason
It's just a hair smaller than Orange County California....  But yes,
it's still a city.  I am 3 signals away from very fast driving in the
country with my 928s....
On 2/26/07, Derek Bradford  wrote:

8) From: Derek Bradford
Who am I to talk at the moment...my satellite city has a million
people in it, and I'm 30 minutes away from 15 million more in Seoul.
But when I get back home I plan to be surrounded on all sides by
thousands of acres of crown land.
On 2/27/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
-- http://www.novernae.comHome of the Wandering Sloth

9) From: Barbara Greenspon
Kind of ot ot:  If you are indeed interested in being online, check  
out www.evdoinfo.com.  They are to wireless internet as Sweet Maria's  
is to homeroast.  There is a wealth of information.  We are now using  
EVDO connections exclusively. and we are so much more mobile and  
Good luck.
On Feb 25, 2007, at 6:41 PM, Aaron wrote:

10) From: Larry Johnson
Sorry to hear you're leaving us, David. I hope your 12 months in VA are
productive for you and yours. I'll look forward to your return to the list
when it's over (or you find local access).
...and if you've been in GA all this time, why didn't we have a cuppa
togetha? (I'm in Athens) Oh, well; hurry on back and we'll have one.
Larry J
On 2/25/07, David F Iseminger  wrote:
Larry J
"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it."
  - Flannery O'Connor

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