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Topic: A glimpse of Brazil coffee. (5 msgs / 73 lines)
1) From: Les
Here is an exerpt from an email I got from a friend of mine.  He works part
time with a farm that imports coffee into the United States from Brazil.
This is long, but I think informational.  Remember, Tom sells about 100,000
pounds a year.  I think this gives us a little perspective on Sweet Marias
when it comes to the overall coffee picture and how special our special
coffee really is.  Thanks Tom for going among the giants for us.  By the way
my friend is a "little guy too."
" We just got in two containers-around 90,000 pounds in December.  Sixty
percent of it is from Jose's family estate.  the rest of it some 14-18
screen from a neighbor.  It is only fair grade and lower cost.  We have some
customers who are more interested in the price than anything else.  The
coffee cupped well but the beans have not been sorted well and has a lot of
stones-no problem for our customers.  We chose to go with a larger sceen for
the estate coffee,  instead of 16-18  we had Jose's brother (Roberto) have
the milling company screen for 17-18.  It is a much nicer coffee.  We also
had Roberto size 10 bags for Peaberry (1320 lbs.),  It is very nice but
Roberto's employee forgot to do a final hand sort and it has some stones in
it.   We are going to try again next year.  I was going to send you some but
didn't know if you wanted to have to do some sorting.  I just got through
running the company for five weeks while Jose went to Brazil to plant some
coffee trees on some property he brought last year.  It is higher in
elevation and he is very optimistic about the quality, so the he bought some
special trees (not quite sure of what varietal) , around 30,000 of them and
he said this was just a few trees!!! Also, coffee trees have to be planted
by hand one at a time!!!!   We will know in about 3 years.  Roberto called
and told us that it looks like Brazil is going to be 26%  under expected
output in commercial coffee for the next 2 years.  With the increase in
coffee consumption up about 50% in Brazil means there is going to be a
shortage of  Brazilian commercial coffee for at least 3 years which will
increase prices worldwide as many of the growers will be able to get more
for their coffee in Brazil than exporting it.  I guess grocery store coffee
is going to suffer even more in the quality line.  Roberto is not sure how
that will effect the Specialty Coffee prices.  He thinks they will go up
some but he wasn't sure because the two coffees are handled by different
organizations in Brazil."

2) From: Dan Bollinger
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Neat insight!  Thanks, Dan
  Here is an exerpt from an email I got from a friend of mine.  

3) From: Rusty
Way cool, thanks for sharing!
I am surprised Tom only sells 100,000 pounds a year; given the size of
some of the stashes you guys have :- )

4) From: Tom Ogren
Boston.com's business section
November that Sweet Maria's reported selling 400,000 lbs. a year.
Either way, that's a bunch o' beans!
TO in VA
On 2/25/07, Rusty  wrote:

5) From: Les
Old data on my part.  Still in the scheme of things a drop in the bucket.
On 2/25/07, Tom Ogren  wrote:

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