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Topic: OT Re: +Login problems, firefox, etc. (5 msgs / 110 lines)
1) From: Vicki Smith
I am making this topic OT as it surely will be by the time I am done.
Standards are independent of browsers, but not all browsers treat them 
the same way. There are also different levels of standards, from the 
most strict to pretty loosey goosey. Some functions are not usable in 
terms of how the browser handles them under one or another standards 
scheme. Designers generally test in IE, FF, and Opera, and have to test 
in various iterations of all of them--MAC and PC, IE 6 and IE7--just to 
name a few.
Ultimately, when you have standard's compliant code, everything is 
easier, in terms of updating, adding on, etc. Getting to it though when 
you have a massive site that is not standard's compliant, is difficult. 
For example, if currently, the instruction to make a particular word a 
particular size or colour, or font, is embedded within the text itself, 
you would have to strip all of that out, and get that sort of 
instruction from a style sheet. Now, designing a style sheet is not the 
problem, converting the existing page to plain text and then using the 
style sheet to control the way the page displays is not a problem 
either--when you are talking about one page, or ten, or even 50, but the 
SM site--wow.
That's not even talking about what it would take to control the layout 
through use of a CSS style sheet and lose the current table based 
structure. Lots of time consuming and very detailed work.
Leo Zick wrote:

2) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
I just want to thank you all for the feedback on this ...
As far as google, Vicki has the best advice: turn off browsing 
history, and I would add, don't log in (or what I do is log out when 
I am don't need to be logged in). Each person has to decide for 
themselves the price of convenience, and google's checkout is very 
convenient. But if we successfully add that, it will simply be an 
option on the last checkout screen: use our checkout, or Google.
Realistically, Google is the next MS ... and I don't think they 
simply offer all these great web features out of the goodness of 
their heart. (hearts?) Anyway, users have to be informed ... we are 
not without our responsibilities, simply because we use a service.
Vicki - thanks for pointing out the caveats of the table structure. 
It does make a serious revision very difficult. I worry too at how 
slow these table-laden pages load (every load one of my half meg 
coffee review archive pages? I just had to spilt the current A to F 
archive page because in locally on my computer, a nice g5 mac, 
dreamweaver wouldn't even load the entire page!)
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3) From: Vicki Smith
Pages that are based on CSS load soooo much faster. The difference is 
astounding. Google shopping is US only, btw, at least at the moment.
Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:

4) From:
vicki, right on CSS is the only way to go, Tom would find it invaluable. maybe we could each take a page!
---- Vicki Smith  wrote: 

5) From: Frank Parth
Hi, Vickie,
I have three web sites, and I developed them all using Dreamweaver on my Mac Powerbook long before CSS became popular. They're all straight html. But even with html, each combination of system and browser handles tables differently. My better half checks them on her _ell machine using IE, which she hates, just to see how it looks.
None of the major browsers interprets the standards the same way. IE is the loosest and will adapt to all sorts of bad coding. I suspect this is because FrontPage turns out such horribly bad code.
The next time I upgrade my business site I'll go to CSS, but I'll outsource that since I neither have time to learnit properly (I've got a business to run) nor to change over all the pages I have.
Frank Parth

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