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1) From: an iconoclast
Today at the clinic where I work, I saw an RN worked with 15 years ago at
the hospital and hadn't seen since.  We talked a bit about work, having
enough money for retirement, etc.  I told her I was roasting coffee.  She
looked shocked. She said she'd been roasting her own coffee for the last 8
yrs in a popcorn popper.  She told me she started roasting coffee after
reading about homeroasting while sitting in the waiting room of the very
clinic we were having this conversation!  She asked me if I got my beans
from Sweet Maria's!  Amazing...I told her about the list, so maybe she'll
join. Wow.
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2) From:
super, I have yet to meet another coffee roaster...
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3) From: Laura Micucci
me either, well...except for y'all.
On 2/28/07, pchforever  wrote:
Laura Micucci

4) From: Carole Zatz
I was giving my neighbor down the street (who I hardly ever see) a
ride to the local commuter train station one day this year during a
snow storm and in the 10 minute ride we discovered that we both roast
coffee in the back yard. He's using the HG/DB method. It was one of
those "what's new" conversations and I happened to mention roasting
coffee using the bread machine in below freezing weather. And he said
he's been doing the same!
And that doesn't count my electrician, who after doing some work at my
house while I was roasting using my iR2 went on to buy a FR8 + scads
of beans from SM. He was so happy with the results that he dropped off
at my house a very generous number single pot amounts of green beans
that he particularily likes. And, his wife, who disliked coffee
before, is now loving it. He considers that both a blessing and a
curse  now, not so much coffee for him :).
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5) From:
great story Carole.
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6) From: Justin Marquez
On 2/28/07, pchforever  wrote:
The only other coffee roaster I have met outside of the connections
forged from this list was a fellow who is manager of a gas processing
plant in Colorado.  I was up there last summer to help with their
startup work and I brought my HG/DB setup onsite to make them some
fresh coffee.  As soon as he saw the greens, he said "I used to do
that with a Freshroast until it died and I got really busy with
After I roasted and brewed a pot on *very* short rest (about 30
minutes...), the guys at the plant all agreed "Best coffee ever!"
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

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