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Topic: Help Save Yemen Mokha Mattari (6 msgs / 183 lines)
1) From: Florida Randy
Well....Tom was right...."In all, it's not a coffee I want to drink
every single day ... it's too much".  I've roasted a lot of coffee since
the first of the year....almost one of every green been offered, but
this is the firs that's "too much".  Since I have a lot of other greens
in inventory what do you recommend I add to cut the "gamey" character of
this yemen?
Thanks in advance.
Florida Randy

2) From: Brett Mason
Try some Ethiopia Yirg and some Brazil Fazenda   1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3
You'll like the blend,
On 3/3/07, Florida Randy  wrote:

3) From: Jeff Oien
Florida Randy wrote:
Java Java. Or maybe a dry process Brazil roasted on the dark side. Or a 
Sumatra roasted dark enough to roast out the earthiness.

4) From: Coffeenut
Here's a very good blend that I just roasted last week.  It is a slight
variation of one of Jim Shulman's attempts at creating the popular "Black
Cat" blend.  It's basically his blend using beans that have been or are
available from Sweet Marias.
40% - Brazil Sul de Minas Yellow Bourbon
30% - Monsooned Malabar
20% - Yemen Mokha Mattari (Full City+)
10% - Guatemala "Blue Quetzal" Bourbon
I blended all the beans and roasted them together (in my grill-roaster) to
30secs past the very first snaps of 2nd C.  Let it rest 3 days and have
really enjoyed this blend.  It's not Black Cat exactly, because I have some
of the real BC on hand for comparison, but it's a great blend to help
integrate/use the Mattari.

5) From: Leo Zick
Very cool blend, similar to one of my espresso profiles:
5% robusta
25% mokha mattari
25% monsooned Malabar
45% yellow bourbon
I rotate the yemen with a harrar when I have it.. mmmmm.

6) From: Paul Carder
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My absolute favorite is per Tom's suggestions in the helps. 25% Yemen =
Mohka Mattari and 75% Sulawesi. Outstanding!!
Paul Carder

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