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1) From: Vicki Smith
I've been drinking a blend of Donkey Blend (at Vienna) and Sidamo (at 
FC) for the past two mornings. Boy, is it good. I bought 5# of the 
Donkey to use for espresso skills practice, figuring I didn't need extra 
caffeine in my life, and also knowing that I would be drinking espresso 
after dinner. I began blending with it just as an experiment, and think 
it is mighty fine this way.
Any other 1/2 cafs folks would recommend?
vicki (who will disappear for 8-9 hours today--my first day on the new job)

2) From: Jeff Oien
Vicki Smith wrote:
I've used Donkey too and like it a lot. Right now I'm using Sumatra 
decaf which works very well and I'm hoping he'll get some Sulawesi decaf 
in again which was a little heavier last time. I like to use more 
neutral decafs with a lot of body so that the bean on top can shine. For 
regular I like any Ethiopian or Yemen the best but almost anything with 
some acidity/brightness will work. PNG Kimel would be good for an all 
Indo blend.

3) From: Cameron Forde
Hi Vicki,
I was blending Monkey and Donkey for a while for making espresso (so
my wife could still have some coffee drinks when she first started
breastfeeding our daughter).  It is a great combination -- the Donkey
adds a nice chocolate to the fruit of the Monkey (don't quote that out
of context).  My advice is to roast them separately.  The decaf beans
really do roast differently.
On 3/5/07, Jeff Oien  wrote:

4) From: Larry English
  I like the Indonesian Komodo decaf blend a lot, especially blended with
bright coffees, either caf or decaf.  I enjoy roasting Komodo, too - it
comes out very black, even at FC - very pretty!
On 3/5/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:

5) From: Vicki Smith
Yeah, I have been roasting separately when doing the 1/2 caf. It didn't 
really occur to me to try roasting them together. Thanks for the 
suggestion of monkey and donkey.
Cameron Forde wrote:

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