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Topic: Re; Superautomatic SO or blends? (10 msgs / 218 lines)
1) From: James Savanella
Realizing I'm not a purist, I use a superautomatic
espresso machine for convenience and to please the
misses. Though I've been roasting since 1999 I need to
shake things up so I'm looking for suggestions on
roasts or SO's or blends for my superautomatic.
 Any thoughts?

2) From: Larry Johnson
James Savanella said, "I use a superautomatic
espresso machine for convenience and to please the
Maybe I need to take a new look at this whole espresso thing.
How many misses can you please with this superautomatic thingie?
On 3/7/07, James Savanella  wrote:
Larry J
"It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling
exception, is composed of others."
  - John Andrew Holmes

3) From: John Moody
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Mine was upset ($$) when I wanted to get one, but she now loves pushing a
single button for coffee to drive to work with.
I have since wanted the additional control of an espresso machine for a long
time, but she gets really mad at those suggestions; too much additional
counter space and $$.

4) From: Brett Mason
How many Mrs.' do you have?
On 3/8/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

5) From: Eddie Dove
I think it presumptuous to assume James used incorrect grammar ... perhaps
we have a friend in Stepford ...
"[...] James meant he has some sort of contraption that services him in a
way that his wife doesn't like to do herself [...]"
What the ...
How do you know that?
On 3/8/07, Jim Carter  wrote:

6) From: Tim TenClay
FWIW, I don't know how big the superautomatic is, but the Gaggia Espresso is
very small and undoubtedly wouldn't take up much more counterspace.
Grace and Peace,
On 3/8/07, John Moody  wrote:
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7) From: Steve Sakoman
Getting back to your original question, the misses and I (both also not of
the purist persuasion) have lately been enjoying:
Guatemala "Blue Quetzal" Bourbon FC+
Colombia Tolima Planadas - El Jordan FC
A post roast blend of the 2 is also really nice.
We have a Capresso Impressa S9 and love it.
On 3/7/07, James Savanella  wrote:

8) From: McConnel
I have an old one I keep at work (a fire station). I replaced it at home 
with a Silvia/Rocky combo. Mostly I don't use it but I am surprised when I 
do that it does make a decent cup of coffee with a few tricks and good home 
The tricks: Keep it clean. Never let anybody put "flavored" coffee in it. 
Find a grind setting which gives you a good cafe crema--superautos really 
don't do espresso. Dump the first couple of shots of the day which really is 
just flushing out what's left from yesterday.
Monkey Blend is good but it's really a matter of personal taste. That said, 
the powerful tastes of NE Africa and Yemen really do it for me.

9) From: Larry Johnson
You mention the Blue Quezal. How would you describe its flavor when you brew
with it alone, assuming you do? I have heard many glowing comments on this
coffee here in this forum, but I wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or if
it's just a matter of taste, that I don't find it very tasty. I've roasted
two batches so far, one to about C+ and the other to about FC. Whenever I
brew it, the cup seems to have some sort of funk to it that tastes almost
sulfury or vegetal. I've tried it in a French press and in a Presto drip /
SwissGold filter with similar results. I don't do espresso (yet); the
closest I come is a moka pot, which I do enjoy immensely most of the time,
but the Blue Quezal wasn't so good in that either. I'm holding off roasting
any more of it on the chance I'll find out what I'm doing wrong. I don't
want to waste a good bean with bad roasting.
I'm just interested in how you would describe its flavor.
On 3/8/07, McConnel  wrote:
Larry J
"It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling
exception, is composed of others."
  - John Andrew Holmes

10) From: Gary Townsend
On 3/7/07, James Savanella wrote:
I like variety in my coffees. It all boils down to what you like, and what
she likes.
For instance, I'm a big fan of Ethiopians.My spouse is really hooked on
So, I tend to roast up a pound of each type on roast night.
During the week, I'll blend some of each together, sometimes on purpose,
other times because it's 5 am ;-)
I also buy at least a 5 # bag of something new, every 3 months or so. I
roast up 3 batches of the same coffee, all at different roast levels. Then
I'll try to narrow down which level I liked the best, over the course of the
week. Next week, I'll roast 3 more batches within that roast level, trying
find my own personal sweet spot, for that particular bean.
I have several methods to brew my coffee's with, including a Livia 90S, an
Aeropress, Chemex, vacpots, and this month, I'm trying out, yet another
coffee machine, the Mellita Momentum "high speed brewer". When evaluating a
"new" coffee, I stick to my trusty 5 cup Yama vacpot, as every method tastes
differently using the same bean at the same roast level. I tend to prefer a
vacpot brew over everything else, but my spouse prefers to make her coffee
in a *normal* coffee machine. Over the last 3 years, I've tried several
Krupps machines, a couple of Melitta Clarities, a Presto Scandinavian, a
Bunn VPR, and now, a Mellita Momentum. I'm at the point where I should have
just bought a Technovorm in the 1st place. Live and learn, ya know ?
If you are looking for specific recommendations, then I'd say to just head
on over to "What's New" over on the Sweet Maria's website, and fire up the
credit card; whatever Thom has just added to the cart, is no doubt, the best
thing going. I love surprises, it's even better when my wifes eyes light up
and say "this is really good", it's what keeps me out of trouble  when my
orders for the month  hit the $200. mark  ;-)
Albert Einstein - "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent

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