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Topic: Rocky + Gaggia Espresso Fun and Questions (long) (6 msgs / 185 lines)
1) From: Carole Zatz
Well I've had the Rocky (with Doser) and Gaggia Espresso for about a
week now and it's been wonderful! Immediately had delicious espresso.
It's been amazing. And I am so glad I got the Rocky grinder – it's
hard to overestimate the importance of the grinder – doesn't seem like
it should be such a critical point but it sure is.
I removed the portafilter holder as recommended and added "sweepers"
to the vanes in the doser. I used the fluffy side of a velcro strip
and made it just long enough to curve around the bottom and the side
of the vane. Added these to two of the vanes. It does give a little
more resistance when using the doser lever but I'm hoping that it
won't wear out the spring any time soon. It works very well to clear
and I'm getting consistent size portions. It ends up weighing around
20g. I didn't follow the method recommended to figure out the zero
point. The manual on the Rocky very clearly warned against using the
grind adjustment stop button when the machine is running so I couldn't
change the grind and listen for the burrs to touch. I ended up using
their procedure which was to set it to 6 and try it. I had to go down
two settings to make it come out to 25 seconds and 2 ounces. I find
that when I use 2 scoops (a total of 20g weight or 60ml volume) and
set the Rocky to 4 I get nice 25 second / 2 oz pours. This is for SM
Monkey. If I try to reduce the amount of grounds I have trouble with
short pours. I guess I need to grind finer in that case. Once I got
this far, I've sorta been sticking with it as it seems to be working
okay. So far I've tried the SM Monkey, Donkey, Liquid Amber, and
Classic Sumatra. They've all been delicious. I generally make
cappuccino's but I've had some just as espressos and I did try the SM
Italian Blend as an espresso with a bit of lemon peel. Also, great.
The frothing took a bit more time to get a handle on. I ended up using
the plastic piece of the frothing tube that extends the metal wand
(but not the piece that introduces air, I left that off). I'm now
trying to not make such a large amount of froth and get a more
consistent microfoam. I know I'm over stretching the milk but I
usually get carried away (as in: "Wow, look at that foam!"). Using a
thermometer has been a great help.
My biggest problem now is trying to figure out how to get two
cappuccinos done in a short period of time. It takes so long for the
Gaggia Espresso to cool off enough to let you take off the portafilter
with spraying. What's the best procedure to do this? What I do now
(when the machine has been on for a while and is hot) is make an
espresso, turn on the steam switch, get milk in pitcher which has been
cooling in the fridge, bleed a little steam, foam milk, pour into
espresso. (Give to husband.) Turn off steam switch, cool boiler by
running water through steam wand, wait ...., take out (very carefully)
portafilter, refill it, make another espresso and complete the rest of
the process.(By then husband is done with his.) Any suggestions???

2) From: Barry Luterman
Unfortunately that is the problem with machines which have only a single 
boiler and lack a 3 way valve. But as you know moving up to a Hx or double 
boiler with 3 way valve gets costly. Welcome to the beginning of upgrade 
fever. Learn your espresso craft, save money, and enjoy your espresso. Then 
Christmas comes and it starts all over again

3) From: raymanowen
"By then husband is done with his."
Simple, Carole- the same probably has his own user-operated transportation,
right? Would also eschew being chauffeur- driven, no?
The solution becomes intuitively obvious and fairly economical. Gaggia make
a two group machine, and it's left to the current 1 group owner to assemble
it. It could be a two group Espresso, but they don't have to be the same.
Many possibilities for the Zatz Espresso Emporium...
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

4) From: Carole Zatz
On 3/10/07, raymanowen  wrote:
Hey, it already looks like an appliance store here! I now have 2
grinders, one Technivorm, one Gaggia Espresso, and one toaster all
lined up next to the sink. On the other side of the sink is a big
citrus juicer. Across from all this is my toaster oven (which is next
to the 6 burner Wolf stove).  So hey, what's another espresso machine
– I'm sure there must be room somewhere?

5) From: Floyd Lozano
The only juicer you need is the one that juices coffee beans!  Toast is
overrated, put bread on the 'cup warmer' and you're good to go!
On 3/10/07, Carole Zatz  wrote:

6) From: raymanowen
Remodeling is next on the agenda, Carole. I can see it now- all non-coffee
paraphernalia exeunt stage right. The lower levels of the new island counte=
will be your green coffee pantry. A little like the PO boxes at the post
office, then...
The Zatz Espresso Emporium takes shape!
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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