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Topic: HR-1 Roster Notes, Moka Pot-ting and some randomness (5 msgs / 104 lines)
1) From: Diablo
Coasting to temps.  I had been having variable results with certain roasts.  In
particular the Sidamo I have.  Given, that's a tough bean to roast in any case.
 However even with the amount of control I have I had been struggling with
total time to end of roast temp.  What I discovered was cutting the heat back
to the Low setting after first crack, there are straggler beans now and then
but first crack nearly over when I cut the heat.  For Sidamo I like to touch
second but not roll it or really start second.  More like the Verge of second. 
Somewhere near 430-432^ I end that roast.  First snip of second at around 425^.
 I cut that heat to low at 400^.  Think this move has really found what I have
been missing.  Since I have started cutting to low instead of medium my roast
have been extra even, and much better cups.  Hard to believe really, but it's
happened.  The blueberry has been preserved more often than not now. 
I have been trying to build up skill points with my Moka Pot.  Reading all the
posts on SO Espresso's kind of makes me feel better.  Out of perhaps 5 Pots I
got 1 that was incredibly smooth and sweet and pleasant.  I cannot reproduce
that, though, with accuracy.  I use about 3.3 on the Rocky for grind.  In
particular again with Sidamo, I cannot get a decent Pot of that SO period.  The
thread on Espresso's lends help to me here though since they aren't such
distant relative methods of extraction.  The thought that comes to mind though,
perhaps some SO's are not Moka/Espresso safe.  They must be blended.  That's to
say I've never gotten a strong blueberry out of a Moka Pot of Sidamo:(  Least
this is the way things have been pointing for me.  Any ideas?
Serendipity, it strikes like lightening.  A neighbor comes to ask for beans as
I'm wrapping up my roasting for the evening.  I'm doing a farmer's market now,
so after 6 hours of roasting I'm pretty ready to shut it down.  I say yes of
course, I'll roast you up some Peru.  I want to be quick, so I leave the heat
on medium after the last roast, drop the beans at 400^ on medium.  When I hit
280^ I go to High heat, and let-er rip.  Have been wanting to try a full city
roast only.  I keep roasting for others to the darker edges of roast-dom
dumping beans at 420^.  I haven't had a lot of play time, so decided this was
going to be it.  I cut the roast roughly at 10mins+, at 410^.  
When I try it only an hour later, I am quite taken by a leathery cherry flavor.
 I think something is wrong, someone used my cup and left something flavored in
it.  No, I just pulled it off the wash rack.  Hmmmm, perhaps I am mistaken
here.  I hand it over to my Girlfriend, what do you taste, I ask.  She looks up
at me with a confident but still questioning face, Cherries.?. she says.  My
face lights up.  I'm keeping this roast log for future reference.  If I didn't
roast so much so often I'd play with days rest in relation to cup flavor and so
on.  As is, I roast a heap up on Friday, and sell it Saturday.  I give free
brewed samples, I love seeing skeptic faces light up.  Now that makes your day.

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
Leo, where are you? Or rather, where is this Farmer's Market?
On 3/13/07, Diablo  wrote:

3) From: Diablo
Fresno, California.  Tower District to be more exact.  Intersection of Olive
and VanNess to be exacter...:)
I can't sell the coffee, but no one has said anything bout the free samples. 
Think I might be treading thin ice?  Perhaps I should check into things more. 
Though the person who runs it is very up to snuff on her stuff, pretty good
regulator she is.  I'm sure if there were a problem she'd know.  As is there
are several local groups/commissions for the area and after she spoke with them
nothing has arisen.  
--- Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

4) From: Brian Kamnetz
I was hoping the Farmer's Market was in my area - I sure as heck would drop
On 3/13/07, Diablo  wrote:

5) From: Diablo
For sure, that'd be way cool.  Making lots of buddy's out there.  We want a
storefront some day.  Just a mom and pop shop.  Nothing major, and we'll only
have the best.  That's all:P  
--- Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

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