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Topic: For those with a Rocky grinder (6 msgs / 69 lines)
1) From: tonya connell
http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/espresso/machines/105539The above link is a great little mod to flush out grounds from a Rocky. I thought the list would be interested in it for those with Rocky's.
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2) From: Angelo
I have used the Click-Clak and it did work quite well. Then, someone 
suggested the Eggstractor. I found one at a Duane Reid clearance for 
I have to say the Eggstractor works better for me...I notice that no 
matter which of those methods I use there are still some grounds 
left, which will come out by tapping on the spout..

3) From: Barry Luterman
Tapping on the spout will eventually lead to it fracturing. It is really not 
that strong . Better to brush the rest out with a flux brush as used in 

4) From: john nanavati
but preferably one that hasn't been used for soldering ;- )
On 3/15/07, Barry Luterman  wrote:

5) From: Angelo
I've tried them and I find it impossible to get them up into the 
spout. I actually drilled a small hole in the front and used a very 
thin pipe brush, but this was messy. Now, after using the 
Eggstractor, I just jiggle the cup I use to catch the grounds, 
hitting the spout and body of the grinder. I don't see where a couple 
of gentle taps on the snout is gonna hurt it, and if it does, I have 
an excuse to get one of those cool blue ones :-)

6) From: Mike Garfias
I take my vacuum (just the hose) and stick it on the end of the spout  
and turn it on.
Takes about 2 seconds and then its clean.
On Mar 15, 2007, at 2:37 PM, Angelo wrote:

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