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Topic: adding a valve to a mason jar lid (6 msgs / 139 lines)
1) From: Richard Ferguson
Hello all,
There was a link that floated around a while back that showed how to add a one
way valve to a mason jar lid without using an adhesive.  I tried looking
through the archives but can't find it.  Does anyone have it?  Thanks

2) From: Peter Zulkowski
Good morning,
Hope this helps:http://www.homeroasters.org/php/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id8&thread_id36PeterZ
The temp may reach 100F today, (97 yesterday) here in LHC.
Richard Ferguson wrote:

3) From:
Hi Peter:
Thanks for posting that link; I forgot all about it...
still in the 80's right now but headed for 93/94.
take care,
---- Peter Zulkowski  wrote: 

4) From: Mejia, Carlos
Can someone tell me the benefit of this?  Doesn't the Co2 release happen
in the first day or so and if so, can't one just put a standard lid on a
mason jar a little loose for the first day.  Or, better just put it on
tight and enjoy the pffft sound and wonderful smell when you open it to
grind?  Does the valve help at all once the Co2 is all released?  If
there's a convincing argument to modifying my jar lids, I'll go for it
but where do I get those one way valves?  ~carlos

5) From: Eddie Dove
One can certainly do as you have suggested and many do; there is an extended
conversation about this in the archive somewhere.  The gas will push the lid
up and escape and when there is a negative pressure it will draw the lid
closed ... or something like that.
This is for those of us that suffer with the terrible affliction known as
CRS (Can't Remember Shtuff).  Right after roasting, I put the lids on with
the band tightened, put it in the coffee cupboard and forget about it ...
like I was going to do anyway!  Seriously, I have "found" coffee in there
that I roasted 3 weeks prior and had no recall ... company enjoyed it
Generally after a couple of days, I vacuum seal the jars, but this is just
my preference.  The beans do continue to out gas for a days, with a large
volume of it being on the first day.  I get the valves off of used coffee
bags of any brand or variety ... they usually just peel right off.
Docendo Discimus
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6) From: Richard Ferguson
Its not really a matter of the benefit, but more the tinker factor.  I just
like to tinker so this is one more thing that keeps me busy =)

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