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1) From: Diablo
Someone passed me a box of (gulp) Gevalia.  I have never tried it.  It's been
my experience that anything vac. packed inside a week loses some of the vacuum
from remnant co2 escaping.  One wonders how old the grounds must be, he said
he's had this box since December.  
Wish me luck, what method should I use?  Moka, drip brew, cone...?

2) From: Barry Luterman
Use the flush method

3) From: Lynne Biziewski
HA! I must agree!
On 3/15/07, Barry Luterman  wrote:

4) From: Larry Johnson
Who do you have to know to get a spew alert around here....(wiping coffee
from my screen....)
On 3/15/07, Barry Luterman  wrote:
Larry J
If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please
bring me some coffee.
  - Abraham Lincoln

5) From:
yo diablo:
go for it.
it's free, try it.
in a pinch it may not be bad at all. they were rated by consumer reports/and wall street journel up near the top of the heap. I only know because my sister sends or drops off to me all reports and info on coffee.
maybe you should re-package it and send it off to friends as fresh roasted and see what happens; when they all report that they want more of that way to bright java...
send 'um more!!
---- Diablo  wrote: 

6) From: Leo Zick
add a little cinammon and brew in a drip pot. itll beok.
Quoting pchforever:

7) From: David B. Westebbe
Put it in the freezer and use it some cold, dark morning when you realize
that you are all out of homeroast.

8) From: Sheila Quinn
Ewwww - I got some Gevalia for Christmas. Nasty stuff no matter how you 
brew it!
Diablo wrote:

9) From: Brandon Kolbe
Hi Diablo,
    At one time in the distant past I bought Gevalia.  If it is the
preground stuff it is usually ground quite fine.  It was easy to use too
much grounds and end up with bitter coffee.  For a tasting experience I
would suggest at least trying it.  You could also keep it around for a "out
of coffee emergency" as suggested by David.  I think it is way overpriced.
You can usually get fresher, better tasting coffee at a local roaster or
definitely by roasting it yourself.  Plus, homeroasting is definitely
cheaper than buying already roasted stuff.
Happy Roasting,
On 3/15/07, Diablo  wrote:
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10) From: Sandra Andina
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Sandy Andina
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On Mar 15, 2007, =
at 2:39 PM, pchforever =

Someone passed me a box of (gulp) Gevalia.  

Wish me luck, what method should I use?  Moka, drip brew, = cone...?

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11) From: Eddie Dove
From the back of the package, "Work it into the top one inch of soil being
careful not to disturb roots. Water thoroughly."
Docendo Discimus
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12) From: Justin Marquez
On 3/15/07, David B. Westebbe  wrote:
For the eventual "coffee emergency", wouldn't it make more sense to
homeroast up some decent coffee and then freeze it for that ugly
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

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