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Topic: wrbc bartisa championship this sat (6 msgs / 176 lines)
1) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
anyone going? i am giving a presentation there. if anyone knows what 
my presentation is going to be about, please send me a memo, because 
I have NO idea!http://www.wrbc2007.com/by the way, i am curious if anyone is going to the scaa conference. 
long beach seems like a poor choice; many of the hotels are already 
full, except for the very expensive ones. i think they chose it 
simply to cut cost ever since the accounting scandal/theft last year. 
oh well ...
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2) From: MichaelB
Saturday , March 17, 2007
   9:30am Home Roasting Demystified
   Tom Owen, Sweet Maria's Coffee
On 3/15/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

3) From: Mejia, Carlos
The website says you're going to 'demystify' home roasting... so maybe
it's appropriate that you have no idea.  It's a mystery!  ~carlos

4) From: Ed Needham
I think a slide show and talk about any one of the wonderful trips you made 
to coffee regions would give baristas something to learn and share with 
their customers.  The plight of coffee farmers and the challenges they face 
every day just so we can have a tall skinny lite no foam yada yada yada 
venti latte with art would be an eye opener.
Just roasted some of the Yirg Idido Misty Valley.  Oh my.  The beans taste 
like candy.
Ed Needham®
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5) From: Robert Pearce
I'll try to make it but 9:30 in the morning might be tough...

6) From: Justin Marquez
On 3/15/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Wow - hadn't heard about that!  (Of course, you must remember it is in
part populated by folks who routinely charge $4 and up for a coffee
drink, so some thievery may be considered routine by them....)
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

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