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1) From: Jonathan Parungao
Is there a consistent bean out there in terms of flavor profile?  I know
that since it's a crop, they will change flavors each season depending on
how the butterfly flaps its wings in Japan.  I'm the type who, when I find a
dish at a restaurant, I'll order it every time.  Is there a bean that I can
depend on season to season?

2) From: Jeff Oien
Jonathan Parungao wrote:
Costa Rica La Minita would probably be the one.

3) From:
you can most likely profile a columbian to match your taste.
---- Jonathan Parungao  wrote: 

4) From: raymanowen
The Panamanians get my vote for uniform Excellence, just because I happen to
have several lots on hand. (2 or 3 at near the 5lb level for now). It's
certainly not the only one.
It lives. Everything you do to it can really change the taste the coffee
bean yields.
Cheers -RayO,aka Opa!
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5) From: MichaelB
IMO you are more likely to find that kind of consistency with a blend rather
than a single origin. While I like the variety and variations in most of the
SOs Tom offers, I love the consistency of Monkey and Donkey blends for
espresso. Not boring, not a rut, but a delightful groove that usually starts
and ends my day.
On 3/20/07, Jonathan Parungao  wrote:

6) From: Brett Mason
Try Foulgers...  Very consistent, and always in the red can to make it easy
to find!
On 3/20/07, Jonathan Parungao  wrote:

7) From: Silvia Marsh
Bite your tongue!
On 3/20/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

8) From: Brett Mason
C'mon Silvia, you know it won't be a coffee bean.  At least not a specialty
coffee - coffee bean.  Maybe he needs a Lima bean, or a pinto bean.
If you want the same coffee year after year, you need to buy at the lowest
common denomenator on the coffee scale.  This means buying low enough on the
scale that the coffee will be the same every year.  Folgers does that for
Happy Roasting, lousy drinking.  But consistent!
On 3/20/07, Silvia Marsh  wrote:

9) From: Jonathan Parungao
I'm on this list because I don't do Folgers, Sanka, sbux, or whatever
supermarket preground beans are out there.  I know how good fresh roasted
coffee is, I have roasted myself.  My first roast was a panama boquete, no
longer available, and I loved the taste of the cup.  The reason I ask is
that I like consistency, dependability, that old friend that I can go to
time after time.  Just because it's consistently good doesn't mean it's
boring or folgers red can variety.  I could have ordered 5 tons of the stuff
so I could have it the rest of my life, but I know that green bean shelf
life is only about 2 years after I get it.  So keep on keeping on flying by
the seat of your pants, I'd like to stick with a buddy.

10) From: Eddie Dove
You wrote, "I have roasted myself."
WOW!  With this crowd, you sure left yourself wide open with that one ...
Don't recall doing this before so ... welcome aboard!
Docendo Discimus
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11) From: Jonathan Parungao
Yeah, I like to roast myself to a nice medium/medium well.  Hehe.

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