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1) From: Walter R. Basil
I found this neat little kitchen store called The Dutch Oven. I  
absolutely love it. I found items there that took me months to find  
elsewhere, and usually ended up getting online. I notice she has this  
selection of gourmet coffee and teas. So I asked her where she gets  
them, and she tells me. Different roasters from Texas and New Mexico.  
I tell her what I do and she seems slightly interested.
So I go back there a couple weeks later and bring her some of that  
Peru Norte Especial - light vienna, which she says is her favorite  
type of roast once I describe them to her. A couple weeks later I  
walk into the store and she tells me the coffee was heaven. Absolute  
heaven. She was happy to see another little baggie in my hands for  
her. This one, the Nicaragua FTO (LD). She was hoping I'd bring some  
more. She also asked me if I'd be interested in selling some there. I  
told her not right now, it's just a hobby, but thanks for the offer  
anyways. It made me feel pretty good though! I ended up buying a  
pizza stone and peel from there that day and she instructed the  
cashier to give me a 10% discount so that I would continue to supply  
her with a little bit of coffee.
Walter R Basil

2) From: Eddie Dove
Congratulations!  It must feel good to fly high and it not be a caffeine
I'm sorry I don't remember, but what do you use to roast your coffee?
Docendo Discimus
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3) From: miKe mcKoffee
Next time there was something I wanted/needed from that shop I'd talk to the
owner about a straight barter, not a measly 10% discount.  While I don't
roast for paying customers and don't want to, $119 in Jafra bartered for
home roast last six months. I charge for 1/2# greens roasted about what it
cost for a full pound of the greens plus $1 and Jessica is way happy. I do
use professional type packaging (heat sealed snazzy coffee bean motif valve
bags with coffee cup viewing window and nice labels). We "pay" retail for
the Jafra in "value" of the home roast, but really works out to about than
half price out of pocket. And she gets quality fresh coffees also at an out
of her pocket low price since she pays distributor wholesale prices for the
merchandise she provides us. A win-win barter.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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4) From: Walter R. Basil
On Mar 21, 2007, at 12:03 AM, "Eddie Dove"  
Eddie, I'm using the IR2.
Walter R Basil

5) From:
Walter my good man:
CONGRATULATIONS, well done and way cool.
gotta really feel on top with this...
---- "Walter R. Basil"  wrote: 

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