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1) From: Brian Mitchell
I have a quick question about using different types of hardware when
building a drum roaster. I am about finished with my design. About 95% of it
is all stainless steal. However, the two nuts I used to tighten the drive
shaft and the drive shaft itself I have now noticed have been "Zinc Coated."
I remember reading somewhere this might not be a good idea? Would I be able
to just use a torch and burn off the coat? Am I heading down a dangerous
path? Does the temp even reach a dangerous level? I think I saw where Zinc
became vaporous at around 900 F. I was hoping someone would have some
thoughts or experience with this. Thanks.

2) From: Ken Mary
When I built a drum from window screen several years ago, I thought it was
aluminum screen. When I ran it empty for a trial, the screen came out a very
nice shiny brass. So that screen must have been galvanized brass. All of the
zinc coating came off at less than 600F. Just run your drum empty for a
break-in and most of the zinc should be gone.
Are you sure the coating is zinc and not cadmium? If there is any chance
that it is cadmium, then replace the hardware now. You should not use any
plated metals.

3) From: Alchemist John
I *think* (but do not know) that taking a torch too them would do the 
trick.  There is a good chance you can also find SS nuts.  If you 
can, I would go that route.
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4) From: jim gundlach
     Since it cannot be that difficult to replace a couple of nuts,  
replace them with bare metal ones and give yourself a little piece of  
      Pecan Jim
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5) From: Brett Mason
Perhaps, Peace of mind.  The other would be cannibalism, that's a different
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6) From: stereoplegic
as this is a roasting vessel for something you'll be grinding, brewing, 
and eventually imbibing (not to mention sharing w/ others), i'd go 
stainless and play it as safe as possible. stainless nuts are a little 
more pricey, but it's just a couple of nuts (much cheaper than a visit 
to the doc).
John wrote:

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