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Topic: coffee in Burlington VT, (12 msgs / 190 lines)
1) From: Alchemist John
Noting my source of good information (this list) I was asked if I 
could find out good recommendations for coffee shops in Burlington VT.
Any one know of some in that neck of the woods?
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
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2) From: Robert Joslin
     We've got some property on Grand Isle and I've stomped around
Burlington a bit.  Never visited a place whose coffee I would recommend
(EMPHATICALLY  NOT saying there are none), but just about any blueberry pie
I have ever sampled there was exquisite! Such a shame to sample such great
pie with such ordinary coffee!
On 3/22/07, Alchemist John  wrote:

3) From: David B. Westebbe
Speeder and Earl's is at least pretty good, if not better.

4) From: David B. Westebbe
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John and Josh - 
I love Burlington.  I go camping most every year for two weeks on a little
island about 30 miles north of Burlington, between North Hero and Saint
Albans.  A day trip to Burlington is always on the agenda.

5) From: Jason Sheldon
I love Burlington too.  Unfortunately, I live 3000 miles away.  I
wonder how the blue star cafe is.   If anyone goes, please give a
report back.http://bluestarcafevt.com/http://www.sevendaysvt.com/columns/edible-complex-food/2006/winooskis-rising-star.html
On 3/22/07, David B. Westebbe  wrote:

6) From: Lynne Biziewski
Now I want to take a trip up to Burlington. I'm only a couple hundred miles
... 'course, there is that problem of me no longer having a car...
On 3/22/07, Jason Sheldon  wrote:

7) From: Marc
Considering how often I'm in Burlington (my wife's family is there), you'd
think I'd know more places. I did stop at a small coffee shop on Church
Street (a pedestrian mall in the middle of Burlington with lots of little
shops. It was about half way up the mall on the right and either had 2 names
or something Brothers. The coffee as I remember it was good, but it's been
As for blueberries - my brother-in-law owns Owl's Head Blueberry farm
outside of Burlington - so we get all the blueberries we can pick for free
and they are verrry tastey! My wife makes a mean blueberry pie too.
On 3/22/07, Robert Joslin  wrote:

8) From: Robert Joslin
     You lucky devil.  I absolutely LOVE everything blueberry.......pies,
crisps, jams, jellies, pancakes, muffins....you name it and if it has
blueberries in it, I'm gonna like it.
     I didn't mean to leave the iimpression that I am intimately familiar
with Burlington or its eateries.  Hell, we've never even managed to find the
mythical Wally World there, although I've burned a lot of gas looking.   Now
a real local would know that secret!  I've been in and out several times
over the years, the first time, I believe in 1986.  And one of the joys of
traveling for me is sampling the local fare (Including, of course, coffee).
We visit every few years, flying up to Manchester or Providence (most
recently in 05) and I think we will be heading up sometime in late summer to
Button Bay.  My wife's family (Parmalee) is from Vermont (Brandon) and there
are still a few connections there.
     Hopefully I can overdose of blueberries again.
On 3/23/07, Marc  wrote:

9) From: Demian Ebert
According to www.espressomap.com, the closest good espresso is in
On 3/22/07, Alchemist John  wrote:

10) From: Lynne Biziewski
Ah... Montreal!! I used to go there w/my parents when I was a teen. Mon
dieu! That was a long, LONG time ago... C'est une si belle ville!! So
On 3/23/07, Demian Ebert  wrote:

11) From: Marc
August is the perfect time for blueberries!
Button Bay is pretty - or at least is was the last time I was there (~'93).
Brandon - isn't that the mosquito capital of Vermont (or am I thinking or
someplace else?)
On 3/23/07, Robert Joslin  wrote:

12) From: Robert Joslin
     You are right!  All of my visits have been late Summer or Fall and the
berries are good and abundant.
Brandon could vie for the mosquito title if it doesn't already hold it.
There are plenty around nearby Lake Dunsmore.
To bring this thread somewhat on topic, JOHN.....I've never had a good cuppa
in Burlington.  Odds might go up in  Middlebury. Its a college town south of
Burlington or take the ferry across to Plattsburg NY.
On 3/23/07, Marc  wrote:

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