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Topic: Yawn.....A Spring and Summer Virgin Waiting for Coffee (7 msgs / 112 lines)
1) From: Florida Randy
Hello from Sunny Florida -
Winter is over....spring is near.  Seems like forever since Santa
brought fresh roast coffee to the house. I've bought everything since
then...and enjoyed it....but now I'm having to have the same coffee
twice....maybe three times....and the yearning has begun.
For those veteran bean lovers I have a questions......WHAT'S NEXT.  What
does the spring and summer bring that I can start to lust for?  So far
I'm a spring and summer virgin...having only known what beans come in
November, December and January.  There seems a bit of a lull here.

2) From: Jeff Oien
Florida Randy wrote:
You can see how short the list is for Central America:http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.greencoffee.mvc.shtmlThat's what you can look forward to. Also hopefully a Harar.

3) From: Les
The Kenya coffees are coming soon.  Hopefully some Uganda coffee.  There
should be another round of Brazils and some good early centrals.
On 3/22/07, Jeff Oien  wrote:

4) From: Floyd Lozano
i am climbing the walls waiting for Kenyans.  I missed last year's crop
cause I didn't start home roasting til they were all gone (late 2006)!!
On 3/22/07, Les  wrote:

5) From: Lynne Biziewski
I have to relate my SM Kenya story.
Right after I began homeroasting (before I discovered this list), when I was
working thru a SM sampler pack, I tried a coffee from Kenya (don't remember
which it was).
My resulting roast was HORRIBLE - so much so, I wrote a note to SM
describing how each pack was so good, yet the Kenya was beyond drinkable.
Was so surprised to get an email directly from Tom (I remember thinking.. an
owner of a company ACTUALLY responding to my email!!??? Who would've
Anyway, I don't remember exactly what he wrote, but it was something very
kind, describing the different coffees, what I might prefer, and he
suggested I join this list for assistance in my homeroast journey.
I did, I'm here... and I'm still in awe that not once did he say, "Lady, you
are just starting, you PROBABLY ruined the roast!!!!"
(I'm now sure that's what I did!!)
Flash forward to a wk or two ago, when I roasted a small sample of a coffee
fr. Kenya - roasted it longer than what I prefer, yet still ended up with an
absolutely incredible cup.
Gotta love this SM's!!

6) From: Tom Ogren
The thing about some Kenyas...They can be sooo bright and "acidic" that too
fast a roast renders them practically undrinkable at lighter roast levels. I
learned this when roasting with an unmodified PopperyII last Spring and
Summer (when I started homeroasting). I had a few Kenyas that just didn't
work because my roasts were going too fast. Since then I've gotten a nicely
modified Popcorn Pumper (a la Doug Strait). With the TOTAL control enabled
by this rig, I can slow down the roasts (read: longer than five or six
minutes, and draw them out as long as you please...) I get beautiful flavors
in those same Kenyas at much lighter roasts than was possible with the P2.
Now understand that I LOVED the coffees I made with the unmodded P2 and I
still think 99% of the coffees available can work very well with such a
setup, but that other 1% (the most radically bright Kenyas for example) can
be tricky.
TO in VA
On 3/23/07, Lynne Biziewski  wrote:

7) From: Lynne Biziewski
Yes, I discovered that. But the last one I roasted - it was amazing. It
roasted SO fast, and it turned out darker than I usually roast, and darker
than Tom suggests in the archives. Yet - it was one amazing cup. Wish I had
My current stove is a real clunker, so I may upgrade at some point to
roasting on the back deck w/a heat gun.
My tiny long-haired chihuahua, Sammy, who has now developed OCFSC (Obsessive
Compulsive Fear of Stovetop Cooking) due to the smoke alarm going off
everytime I cook (in addition to his fear of Ceramic Plates, Wooden Floors,
and Storms...) would be very happy if I do.
(who has decided that holding a furry dog on one shoulder while stirring
green beans as she homeroasts might not result in the best roasts...)
On 3/23/07, Tom Ogren  wrote:

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