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1) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
Did my first ever roasts this afternoon.  Two 1/2# batches of Panama Lot 
12686.  I've created a new page on my family site at http://www.sklenar.info/coffee.html, have a few pictures.  Nothing 
fancy yet.
The comments about my 1000w heat gun likely being under powered made me 
nervous ... picked up a 1500w Wagner at Lowes this morning.
I'm afraid the first batch may be underdone ... after 14 minutes, I had 
heard some cracks, but no "rolling crack" of any sort, but the color was 
looking about what I expected.  The second 1/2 pound definitely had a 
"rolling 1st crack".  I tried to hold the gun closer to the beans, 
cracking was underway by a bit over 9 minutes and lasted about 2 
minutes.  Smoked more than the first try too.  Removed the heat and 
started cooling at about 13 minutes when i think started hearing a 
couple of fainter cracks.  I tossed each batch to cool in a mesh 
strainer until I could handle the beans (although they were still hot).  
Then I moved them to the large plates in the two photos and placed them 
on the top shelf of my freezer for a couple of minutes until the beans 
felt nearly room temperature.
I'm concerned the first batch really is under roasted and am a little 
worried, although not as much, about the second batch.  What will under 
roasted coffee taste like (i.e.; what should i be looking for)?  We'll 
find out tomorrow I guess ... 
Batch 1 - 229g green, 186g roasted, 14+ minutes total
Batch 2 - 229g green, 184g roasted, ~13 minutes total

2) From: Eddie Dove
Congratulations on you first roasts!
Don't be too concerned about what to look for, but more about whether or not
you like the coffee.  Your description of the first batch does read as
though it might too light; it may taste baked or a bit green.
Your description of the second batch reads as though it may be spot on.
Make sure you have some mechanism to accelerate the cooling of the beans ...
like putting the colander on a fan and stirring.  You'll want to cool them
as quickly as you can.
Do let us know how the coffees cup!
Docendo Discimus
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3) From: Les
From what I can see they both look drinkable.
On 3/24/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

4) From: Floyd Lozano
I agree, the thing with a breadmaker is it's sometimes tough to hear 'em
pop, at least for my ears.  As for cooling, if you feel like saving a little
money hit a thrift store and pick up a 20" box fan.  I got one for $5 and I
probably overpaid.  It looks like hell but it blows air, and it cools my
beans to ambient in 30-45 sec, which is good enough for me!  I pour them
into something like this (sure hope i got it for less than this though,
that's pricey)http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/ref=sc_ri_1/601-6780928-4690545?ieF8&asin°002T4ZD2The cool thing about a breadmaker setup (aside from not having to hold the
4lb heatmonster for 15 min, but instead rest it on the edge) is that you can
use an infrared thermometer to measure the temp inside the pan. It's not
NASA / Boeing accurate but it tells me when to expect the next step.  Best
indicator for me is experience.  I notice that a couple times before first
crack there's a puff of smoke, about 45 sec to a couple min apart.  With the
2nd puff of smoke, chaff starts to come off in a burst (doesn't work of
course with low-chaff coffees).  From this I gather the bean is expanding a
bit and the skin is being shoved off as a result.  The smoke starts smells
sweet for a bit, which makes sense, since we're probably pretty close to the
temperature that sugars carmelize (depends on the sugar).  Then the pops
begin.  It's not the same with every coffee, but it's a good indicator for
me at any rate.
You've probably read this one but here's Tom's pictorial guide to the roast
process:http://www.sweetmarias.com/roasting-VisualGuideV2.htmlI wish he'd make this thing a laminated card, I'd buy one!  Probably some
issue with the Agtron scale and intellectual property / licensing issues
I'll bet (given what they sell those discs for!)
On 3/24/07, Les  wrote:

5) From: Larry English
I agree completely with Les, though of course it's always tough to judge
color via photos and computer monitors.  But most definitely the first one
does not look under-roasted to me.
It will take many more roasts to zero in on what you like, and then it will
take many more to begin adjusting what you like based on all the new
experiences with different origins and different roast levels. It's a trip -
On 3/24/07, Les  wrote:

6) From: raymanowen
About that first batch on the left, you  alter it to make it look like
the one on the right, but the converse is not true. They will definitely
taste different, and if you dislike the lighter roast flavor, you could push
it a little further. Add heat for a little longer until you get smoke and
hear a few snaps of  Second crack.
Wave the heat gun around just above the paddle and back it away for the two
seconds it pauses twice per minute on the Dough cycle. It doesn't start out
that way, but after a couple of minutes, that's the program
I've just done my first two roasts using an Oster bread machine within the
past week, because I found a bunch of brand new-looking ones at a couple of
thrift stores.
The bread making Oster has become a ROster. The new one just made a whole
grain loaf this morning. Wonderful smells these machines generate- Osters
and ROsters.
First Crack in the Bread machine was really LOUD, and Second crack followed
at 16:30 total time My 1200w Wagner HT-1000 makes plenty of heat for
roasting 460g in the Bread machine.
Cooling will become your #1 problem with the larger batch sizes. Check out
metal salvage yards. If they receive forced air gas furnaces, have them call
you when they receive more of them. They're not that heavy, and the salvage
value is not very great.
You should first call and ask if they accept gas furnaces. What you want to
hear is, "Not right now- we have too many and they don't bring any money..."
Then you work a deal and help them out.
I happened to be at the feed store for pet food when a half dozen furnaces
were being loaded out of a truck to a metal dumpster by a guy on a
forktruck. I got the blower out of the last one for $2. They said said I
could have the whole furnace for $35, but I already had my Bronco loaded
with pet food and wild bird food.
A 120,000 BTUH updraft roaster with my RK Drum on top almost tempted me. Not
prudent, I don't think fast under pressure. Besides, I have two more bread
machines at Parade rest right now. One is our DAK and the other one looks
like a Pristine new Chefmate.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"The indisputable truth is that no coffee is fresh if it isn't fresh
roasted." - - Martin Diedrich

7) From: Justin Marquez
On 3/24/07, Patrick R. Sklenar  wrote:
Pat - FWIW, I routinely get to the edge of 2nd crack in about 10-11
minutes with my 1000W Wagner when roasting about 240 grams. I do hold
the nozzle down close and move it constantly and stir constantly as
The weight loss your roast shows amounts to about 19%, which is on the
high side, possibly indicative of a greater roast level. Typical is
Sounds like you are off to a great start.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

8) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
Justin Marquez wrote:
okay, so then my times are in the ball park.  cool.  i was afraid they 
were too quick.
raymanowen wrote:
Can I resume a roast after the beans have cooled if I decide it seems to 
light?  My guess would be no, but thought I'd ask.
Brewed 20oz of each this morning (two bean scoops, 20oz of water based 
on normal drip rate of one scoop per two 5oz cups).  Chemex pour over.  
Both actually tasted pretty good.  Will do a full put of the lighter one 
to take to work tomorrow and of the darker Tuesday.
Perhaps the slower cooling of hand tossing and then freezer made up for 
the suspected under roast of the 1st batch?
On 3/24/2007 Floyd Lozano wrote:
I saw a box fan, on a stand what would let me pivot it to be flat, for 
$5 at one of the thrift shops when i was looking for the bread machine.  
will have to go back and see if they still have it.  I have the very 
same mesh colander you provided a link to and that's what I used 
yesterday.  should i set it on the fan with the fan blowing up thru the 
beans?  Or pulling air down thru the beans?
Eddie, Les & Larry,
Thanks ... you seem to have been correct.  While I was concerned I had 
under roasted the first batch ... after brewing some this morning ... I 
think it may have been first timer's uncertainty/jitters.   the whole thing *DID* seem rather too easy and perhaps that 
contributed to my worries. :)
Thank you all!

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