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Topic: Vac-Pot believer (9 msgs / 247 lines)
1) From: Paul Jolly
Well, I lost out on my E-bay bid for an old pot. 
I decided (with the help of a few commentators
here) to go for a new Yama from Tom.  I also got
a pound of LaMinita Tarrazu and roasted it light.
 Brewed a cup 36 hours later...and, after the
first few sips, I was unimpressed.
Then i let the cup cool a bit and tried again. 
Wow!  What depth!  It seemed that the longer the
cup sat, the better it got. (of course, after 30
minutes it was all gone).  
I know I'm using the Corolla of vac pots, but
I've gotta agree with the many others who've
said, "It's the best coffee I've ever had."
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2) From: Arabela
In a message dated 10/9/01 2:21:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, pauljolly65 writes:
I also got
a pound of LaMinita Tarrazu and roasted it light.
Brewed a cup 36 hours later...and, after the
first few sips, I was unimpressed.
Then i let the cup cool a bit and tried again. 
Wow!  What depth!  
i've noticed that to happen to with some coffees. i just tried the moka kadir blend and felt exactly the same way. first sip, i was thinking i wasn't too impressed, then it got better and better. i really like it now. 

3) From: Angelo
I would think that most vac pots give the same quality cup, since the 
method doesn't seem to vary that much. I would like to know from those more 
discerning vac pot users if they notice a difference among their various 
pots (I know you all have more than one ) :-)
Also, if there is a difference, to what do attribute it?
Thank you,
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4) From: Andy Tanis
Heh, this is exactly what happened to me a few months ago.  My taste buds
were bursting with anticipation after reading Tom's review of CR Tarrazu La
Minita, and the first sip was a huge letdown.  Having written the coffee
off, I stoically continued sipping the cup over the next 15 minutes or so.
By the end, I had come to love my new favorite coffee.  :)
Speaking of Tom's reviews, I find that reading through them are *almost* as
good as actually drinking great coffee.  My enjoyment of coffee has gone way
up thanks to the reviews tantalizing my taste buds.  
I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of a Bodum Santos 3000 electric vac pot due
today from Amazon.  Lubos, Bodum should pay you for your great PR!  ;)
Official Tom groupie,
Andy Tanis
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5) From: Michael Allen Smith
On Tue, 09 Oct 2001 14:28:38 -0400, Angelo wrote:
I have 3:
Starbucks Utopia
Bodum Santos
White Cross
Each taste different.  The Utopia taste the cleanest and closest to 
drip-style.  The White Cross taste as rich as a french press.  The 
Bodum is in between and IMO the best of the 3.
Which brewing system I use is depends on how much coffee I need.  If 
I need several cups then I use the Utopia.  If I need a single cup 
then I use the White Cross.  For 2 people, I'll grab the Bodum.  
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6) From: Steve Trescott
I really wonder if your difference is the pot or how much you brew. I've noticed, no matter what type of method I use, drip, French press, or vac, the more water (and beans proportionally) that runs through the grounds the richer the flavor. I've never really had fantastic taste trying to brew only a cup. I'm not saying it was bad just more is better.

7) From: John - Wandering Texas
Oh absolutely!  My Cona cranks out a completely different coffee from the
same roast as my drip. And the press has always been in a class of its own -
now that I use boiling water to begin the brew in the press, it runs second
only to the Cona.  The Chemex and the drip pot run pretty close.  Brewing
process has everything to do with it.  Coffees that I only used for espresso
do just fine in the press, but not in drip.
And you're right - its all good, just some is better than others.
John - enjoying a Harrar as I type (which accounts for the typos)

8) From: John - Wandering Texas
Good coffee is good all the way to cold, bad coffee is bad for the entire
spectrum :O)

9) From: Mark
I'd definitely agree, at least with vac pots and drip. French press seems to
give me consistant results regardless of the amount. Vac pots seem to make
the best coffee when brewing a full pot (regardless of what size the pot
is), most likely due to the amount of water left in the bottom during
brewing. In fact, if I were buying my first vac pot, the size of the pot
would be my primary consideration. It's best to get a size that most closely
matches the amount you most often will brew, since brewing less than a full
pot results in some pretty watered-down coffee. I don't use my drip brewer
much anymore, but it (every drip brewer I've owned, actually) also made
better coffee when brewing a full pot.

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