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1) From: DeCambre.Peter
I will be out of the office starting  11/26/2002 and will not return
until 12/02/2002.
I will respond to your message when I return.
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2) From: Larry Williams
A friend of mine likes French Roast.  He usually buys his beans at 
Charbucks.  I need a suggestiion for a bean to roast, and a profile for 
the IR2.  He is a gourmet cook, so I think he'll appreciate what ever I 
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3) From: Eddie Dove
I am going through the same with a customer right now.  I decided to try the
Sweet Maria's French Roast Blend @ $5.00 per pound.  Another bean that
really stands up to darker roasts is the Timor FTO Maubesse @ $4.90 per
pound.  Sorry, but I can't help you with a profile for it as I have a Gene
Hope this is helpful ...
Docendo Discimus
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4) From: Sam Tregar
On Sun, 25 Mar 2007, Larry Williams wrote:
I had a request for beans from a friend who's addicted to Starbucks
Viennese, which is a seriously burnt coffee.  I looked in my stash for
something that I thought could stand a darker roast and picked the
Brazil Fazenda Boa Sorte Natural Bourbon.  I roasted it a bit into the
second crack, maybe FC+.  She said it was great and now she wants more!

5) From: Floyd Lozano
Sulawesi GGM!
On 3/25/07, Larry Williams  wrote:

6) From: Jeff Oien
I would agree with Sulawesi. Sumatra too. Harar and Yemen can stand up 
to a French Roast and still retain just a bit of their origin 
characteristics. I've done all these for other people.
Some of the high grown Costa Rica and Guatemala might be good too 
although I haven't tried them. The higher grown and harder beans would 
generally be better and not get as charred as far as I know.
I tried a Honduras at Vienna and it tasted burnt.
Larry Williams wrote:

7) From:
Sulawesi. Sumatra too would be great.
Both my favorites. I just roasted and enjoyed a Sumagtra, great right away as well as rested a bit longer.
I test all roasted right away. 
good luck, good lord Jeff, one of your worst roasts is 100% better then $bucks.
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8) From: Clay Spence
You may know this already, but make sure you let the beans rest longer
than normal. My attempts at darker roasts all needed longer rests,
otherwise they had a sharp bitterness (not sure how to describe it).

9) From: Floyd Lozano
youre not kidding.  i've wrecked a couple roasts lately (too much beans in
the dogbowl, couldn't add heat fast enough to the too-small bowl with
too-deep beans in the too-cold air) but they were still better than the
stuff they serve at work that tastes like bathwater stirred with used
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10) From: stereoplegic
i haven't tried the french blend (as a proud American i can't capitalize 
that word, esp. considering their treatment of perfectly innocent coffee 
beans), but Tom's advice and cupping notes are gospel (please, don't let 
this post spark a crusade/jihad/whatever, just giving props to our 
host). also, i'm not big on earthiness, so i like Sulawesi and 
especially Sumatra roasted darker, leaning more towards dark chocolate 
than dirt (just my opinion, some ppl love it). i'll also second high 
grown Guat's for dark roasts (though i think it a shame, moreso than 
most coffees). a good Nicaraguan can handle it too (but also a shame on 
such a good bean). i wouldn't dare (intentionally) take an Ethiopian or 
Yemeni coffee past FC+ . Kenya either, though it should handle it well.
DEchelbarger wrote:

11) From: Larry Williams
Thanks all for taking the time to answer my question.
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12) From: Leo Zick
Is this post for real?!!
This list is getting out of control lately.
stereoplegic wrote:

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