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Topic: Hawaii Kona - Purple Mountain Farm (8 msgs / 92 lines)
1) From: Eddie Dove
I am gifting some of this to someone that actually appreciates fine, fresh
roasted coffees.  What is the general consensus on rest for this coffee?
Thanks in advance.
Docendo Discimus
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2) From: Aaron
Mine really started coming alive about day 5 with the subtle kona tastes 
one looks for.
It was good after day one but really got great after several days rest.

3) From:
I think the last I had I let sit for 36/48 hours. I had it right away and it really tasted off!
---- Eddie Dove  wrote: 

4) From: Tom Gaskell
In my experience, the Kona from Purple Mountain is best after at least 4 to
5 days rest.
For the first couple of days the harsh flavors dominate, and the real
"Kona-ness" develops after the additional days of rest.  YMMV.
Cheers,  Tom
On 3/25/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

5) From: Larry Johnson
That is my experience as well. Actually, I liked it best at 7 days.
On 3/28/07, Tom Gaskell  wrote:
Larry J
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bring me some coffee.
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6) From: Silvia Marsh
Six more days to wait? *cries*
It smells amazing, but I can wait. ;)
On 3/28/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

7) From: Floyd Lozano
i can't believe it's gone.  no warning!
On 3/28/07, Silvia Marsh  wrote:

8) From: Eddie Dove
The warning is when it is listed.
On 3/28/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

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