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1) From: Mark Bartkowiak
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Hi Gang,
    Here it is Round 2 of HG/BM vs. Handyman 
In this corner of the unpadded ring called my side porch
is a Breadman Pro 2# stainless steel with the short wide 
breadpan and both sensors removed from the inner wall 
and dangling inside the motor side of the machine. 
(I couldn't disconnect either, the control board refused
to come into the ring without both connected). And in the
opposite corner said handyman armed with his Wel-Bilt 1600w
HG from Round 1. Let the Battle Commence!
  Breadman Pro leads off with a nice 3 minute slow knead and the 
handyman counters by pointing HG into breadpan. (The breadpan in
this machine is quite a bit shorter than the one from the 
Goldstar HB-202CE seen in the first round.) Breadman Pro hits it's 
stride and starts it's 27 minute fast knead, the handyman seems to be
falling behind. (maybe the first round has taken the wind out of his HG)
BM has stopped it's second stir and handyman is definitely lagging.
(The beans are now at a light brown and BM refuses to restart as it =
and displays _ _ H) Handyman whips into action, moving aside the 
display panel and pulls the 2 sensors outside the machine to the 
fresh cool air and retreats to his corner. 1 minute later BM returns to =
fight with its 3 minute slow knead. Handyman again points his HG 
into the pan knowing this is going to be a long battle. The beans are =
slowly as BM continues through it's 27 minute fast knead. Handyman 
continues to move the limping HG in circles ending up with nicely =
beans just at first crack by the time BM finishes it's fast knead. =
throws in the towel on this batch and chills the beans in his mesh =
atop his 20" box fan in downdraft mode. HG is taken away for a post =
Due to the very tall breadpan in the first round, trying to keep HG 2 =
inches from
the beans has warped the trigger switch keeping it from attaining high =
temp output.
Nipping the offending and obstructing plastic away with diagonals has =
HG a new lease on life and he is ready for Round Three later this week.
In my humble opinion, I liked the Goldstar HB-202CE's square breadpan =
for better
bean movement. I dislike it for the height of the breadpan and for it's =
6 minute knead
, 5 minute rest, 12 minute knead cycle. it was not long enough.
I like the Breadman Pro for it's 3 minute slow knead and 27 minute fast =
knead, and it's 
shorter breadpan. I disliked it for it's wider rectangular breadpan, I =
felt it didn't keep 
all the beans in motion all the time.
Both BM's behaved better when both the thermal limiter and the =
temperature sensor
were pulled away from the inner liner and the motor and were left out in =
the fresh air.
So I guess my priorities for a BM to roast coffee in would be:
1. Long kneading cycles with out rests on the dough cycle.
2. Short square breadpan if possible, but will use any
3. Price
Mark B. AKA MarkBart AKA The Handicapped Handyman 
Midland, NC

2) From: Silvia Marsh
I like the play-by-play...every bit of info helps the rest of us, so keep it
up. ;)
Well done. Thankies. :)
On 3/28/07, Mark Bartkowiak  wrote:

3) From: Floyd Lozano
i got a thrift store breadman.  i LOVE the 27 min knead.  it's more than you
should ever need but i like cushion ;)  luckily mine has a tall squarish
pan, not the low and wide you seem to have.
i have one of the hairdryer style heatguns (milwaukee 1680 watt thingie that
looks like the 751 people talk about, but it's all red) and i like the
all-metal nothing-to-melt-here design.  pricey at $60 new from Home Despot
i keep thinking there's ways to use these other bread machines to
non-intended purposes.  shouldn't be all that hard to remove the circuit
board from the pathway and just wire in voltage to a light switch and on/off
the spinny thing, right?  Seems with a half hour of cutting splicing
soldering that you could have on/off control of that motor.  Rig in a dimmer
switch and you have speed control!  Of course i tried to major in electrical
engineering and got kicked out of school so maybe i can't be trusted.  but i
am tempted to spend another $7 to find out if it's possible =)
On 3/28/07, Silvia Marsh  wrote:

4) From: raymanowen
Floyd, speed control is a gimme with these bread machine motors- the same
type (PSC) is used in ceiling fans.
I tried to do three successive 400g roasts in my ROster  Oster before I hit
.  The new Chefmate took over to finish roast #3- the Mexico Chiapas
that I didn't want in second anyway.
Ever notice how much stuff looks brand new in the thrift stores? (Made a
Not-So-Great Gift?)
Even with the detour, all three roasts were done, cool and in the (Jar and
several Ziplocs) within one hour.
The Ziplocs with the slider don't completely seal at the end with the
slider- it holds the seal open slightly. The beans will outgas CO2 for a
week and displace O2 through the leak. I left instructions why to scoop out
the beans and leave the red slider in the high spot between uses.
How long is 360g of fresh roast going to last- in a closed bag, generating
its own CO2- a week? If I need to, I'll canvas the hospital newbie wards for
baby food jars and lids. Those seal quite well.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"The indisputable truth is that no coffee is fresh if it isn't fresh
roasted." - - Martin Diedrich
29-Mar-07 01:14

5) From: Larry Johnson
I've got no scientific data to go with this, but my experience in brewing
beer (another substance of which oxygen is an enemy) is that most plastics
don't make good oxygen barriers. The molecules are huge and there's plenty
of room for the O2 to slip in. I suppose as long as there's positive
pressure from the outgassing, oxygen may be held at bay. Just my $00.02.
On 3/29/07, raymanowen  wrote:
Larry J
If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please
bring me some coffee.
  - Abraham Lincoln

6) From: Brett Mason
I haven't tried roasting beer - I am afraid it would just drain out of
my drum as I roast it on the BBQ...
On 3/29/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

7) From: Larry Johnson
Maybe you could try fermenting coffee?
On 3/29/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
Larry J
If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please
bring me some coffee.
  - Abraham Lincoln

8) From: Mark Bartkowiak
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Very true Floyd, half an hour and I could just wire a switch in to the =
but during experimentation I like to be able to return the BM back to a =
easily in case my ideas fail. I will decide if I want to make it a =
machine after this weekend's Round Three, it's almost a certainty.
On a different note, we are currently using as Cuisinart burr grinder =
for my 
wife's french press. She wants it ground coarse and I want it ground =
fine for
my espresso so we take the our bean of choice and pass the grounds =
a fine sieve. What falls through is mine and what stays is for her =
Mark B Midland, NC

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