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1) From: neal prentiss
Hi everyone,
I just got approval from the wife to get a full Harvey order (12lbs).  Any
I don't have an espresso machine, just French Press.

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
If you know what you like, get that. If you don't, I think you need to do
some non-specific exploration, so, in general terms, I'd say an 8-pound
sampler and specifically choose only the remaining 4 pounds.
On 3/29/07, neal prentiss  wrote:

3) From: Patrick S. Harper
Blue Batak is you have never had it (sorry, just looked and they seem to not
have that in stock, glad I got mine while I could), my favorite personally.
Timor FTO Maubesse was also wonderful. Brazil Cachoeira da Grama Yellow
Bourbon was really good. And it looks like they still have some Ethiopia
Organic Idido Misty Valley DP in stock, I like that one a lot too.

4) From:
Neal, dear one,
this is tuff. I really suggest you think about your taste buds and go into Tom's green sheet, read his notes and oick from there. You do not need an espresso machine to enjoy any of Tom's coffee with perhaps the exception of espresso blends.
Let us know. I would try everything I could. Have you gotten a sampler pack?
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5) From: Bob
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Take the skirt off.

6) From:
you bad boy. is that like twisted pink panties?
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