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Topic: Time between end of 1st crack and start of 2nd (7 msgs / 137 lines)
1) From: McDonald, Michael (Dallas)
I am fairly new to the home roast thing and am trying to get this process
down a little better.
Can someone ballpark the time between the end of the 1st crack and the
beginning of the 2nd crack if you are roasting with a HWP?  I guess it
depends on the bean but I feel like I am having trouble determining exactly
when the second crack starts.  I think I don't hear it until it really
starts moving rapidly.
Thanks in advance for the advice. 
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2) From: Steve Shank
Figure 2 minutes or less. It's hard with the hwp to discriminate between beans hitting the glass and the second crack. Use sight and smell to help.
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On 10/11/2001 at 12:35 PM McDonald, Michael (Dallas) wrote:
Steve Shank
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3) From: Keith Parker
You can view a sample of my roasting log at www.BeyondTheSecondCrack.com
For a direct link go to:http://www.beyondthesecondcrack.com/RoastLogData.htmIn the "crack" column, I put a "1" when I hear the first pop of first crack and
then another 1 if there was any pop during the previous 30 second period. I do
the same for second crack, but put a "2" instead.
Below are a few results:
Last       First
Pop         Pop
of           of
First      Second
Crack      Crack    Bean
---------------------------(times in decimal minutes)
6.0          8.0   Costa Rican Tarrazu
6.0          6.5   Costa Rican Tarrazu
5.5          8.5   Yemen Mocha
5.5          7.0   1/2 Sulawesi; 1/2 Yemen Mokka Ismali
6.0          7.5   2/3 Indian Monsooned Malabar; 1/3 Yemen Mokka Ismali
Just a caveat. Most of these are from when I was first roasting and my ear was
not as "tuned" as it is now. In looking over the results my indications of crack
seem to be wildly off-even for the same bean (see the first two logs). But,
overall, it looks like you can normally expect the last pop of first crack at or
around 6 minutes and then the first pop of second crack 1 minute or two later.
Keith Parker
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4) From: Steve Cat
Ya BuT  people talk about stopping 30 seconds into the second crack, like 
its something very precise.  My HWP is so loud and my old ears just can't 
tell the second crack.
Anyway is there a correlation between the second crack and the onset of 
visible oil, say just when you see some oil on a couple of beans.  Then 
another point at when all beans are oily but still brown.  Then another 
point when very dark brown and oily.  Does this roughly coincide with City, 
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5) From: Pischke
    I initially had trouble hearing second crack on my HWP as well. What
I've found, though, is that if I listen from above the roaster instead of
from the side, the clattering of the beans against the glass is much more
muffled, and the pops of second crack are much easier to detect. YMMV.
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6) From: Steve
Don't forget, the beans continue to cook even after they are removed from
the roaster. So if they are oily during the roast they will have more oil

7) From: Steve Shank
The 2nd best thing I've found to answer your questions is:
Pictorial guide to the degree of roasthttp://www.sweetmarias.com/roasted.pict-guide.htmlTom is trying to set this up precisely to answer your questions. Sadly though, there's no smell yet from the pictures.
The best thing, by the way, is to just do it. I suggest a coffee like sumatra but there are others, that have a wide roast range and roast 3 roasts, each a little darker, from brown and NO oil, to just a little to 15 seconds after oil appears say. Then taste them and use them. All should be good and you'll get a feel for the coffee.
Steve Shank
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