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1) From: Beth Henkels
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I ordered on Wednesday evening; it's now Friday afternoon, 2:30 and the
mailman just honked.  My SM Harvey order is here.....less than two days to
Illinois!!!  Harvey rocks and can only do so because Tom and his crew are
equally as fast.  My outside work has ended, and my roasting is to start at
any minute.  What a nice way to end spring break!!
Thanks, Tom!
Beth; roasting in drizzly Illinois and loving every minute :-)  

2) From:
Great, enjoy.
A bit of rain, that's not too bad. We are close to 83 but it's nice and dry.
What did you buy??

3) From: Beth Henkels
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Ginny asked;   What did you buy??
Here is my purchase.  I have already roasted up some of the kona and moka
kahir.  I have read that I should let the kona rest for 4 or 5 days to get
the best flavor; it's going to be really hard to wait!  If anyone can give
me any suggestions on any of the others, I would welcome the help......I'm
still doing this by the seat of my pants. I always roast (or try to roast)
by Tom's recommendation, but I never know how long I'm suppose to let
everything rest before grinding???? 
Here's what I have
Hawaii Kona - Moki's Farm
Panama Lot 12686
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe WP Decaf
SM's Moka Kadir Blend
Brazil Fazenda Boa Sorte Natural Bourbon
Indian Monsooned Malabar "Elephant
Yemen Mokha Sana'ani
Peru Norte Especial -1 lb
Sumatra 19+ TP - Lake Tawar
Guatemala Huehuetenango -Finca La Providencia
These are previous purchases:
Brazil screen dried Moreninha Formosa
Peru Norte Especial
Congo Kivu Peaberry
Timor FTO Maubesse
Colombia Organic Cauca La Esperanza
Kenya AA Auction Lot 764 Ndaroini Nyeri
Guatemala Qucihe La Perla Estate
Idido Misty Valley
Panama Boquete Maunier Estate
Sumatra Classic Mandheling
Nicaragua Matagalpa Pacamara Peaberry
Aren't you glad you asked!!?? :)

4) From: Slinkster
Beth Henkels said:
I had one jar of Moka Kadir resting for nearly two weeks.  Fabulous 
stuff when I finally started pulling shots with it :D  YMMV of course!

5) From: Dave
I find it advantageous to let it rest at least long enough to measure it for
grinding. Less time than that and the cup strength is quite variable;-)
Seriously though don't be afraid to try a coffee immediately after roasting.
I've only been doing this few months, but a couple of my best cups were
still warm from roasting when I ground them.
Some days...
It's just not worth chewing through the leather straps
On 3/30/07, Beth Henkels  wrote:

6) From: stereoplegic
i can't speak for Kona (that would be miKe's dept.) but i agree. my best 
drip cup of the current dp sidamo was right after the roast was cooled 
(of course, that's before i had it as a 5-day-rested Americano).
dbcraw wrote:

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