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Topic: Little pellets in bag (7 msgs / 75 lines)
1) From: Jonathan Parungao
After I empty out the greens from the bag, I notice small pellets.  What are
they?  Are they just little bits of the greens that have chipped off?   They
are tiny and cylindrical looking.

2) From: Aaron
if these pellets are brown, they probably are rat / mouse turds....  
sounds like you got some kopi luwak on the cheap there !!
seriously though, they could be just about anything, id have to see them 
to even venture a guess what they might be.

3) From: Mark Bartkowiak
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Hi Jonathan,
    From what I have read on the internet so far those are most likely =
broken off embryos from the beans. Since the green beans are seeds these
embryos are often intact after the processing. They are located at one =
of the seed lengthwise, near the crease. So says Sweet Maria's website =
the Growing Coffea Arabica at home page. It's similar to that little =
piece at the
ends of peanuts that often falls off. They are not bug or rodent =
Mark B. Midland, NC

4) From: Brett Mason
Do you own a rabbit?
On 4/1/07, Jonathan Parungao  wrote:

5) From: Jonathan Parungao
I do not have any pets.  These pellets are very very small.  About as thick
as a standard staple, and a mm or so long.  These are already in the bags of
green beans.

6) From: Brett Mason
Have you noticed any miniature rabbits around your house?
On 4/2/07, Jonathan Parungao  wrote:

7) From: john nanavati
mouse droppings look like miniature rabbit droppings
On 4/2/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
John Nanavati
Plainfield, New Jersey

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