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Topic: Storing green beans & Roasted beans. Correct method? (5 msgs / 123 lines)
1) From: Manjo Iyer
Please pardon my newbie questions...
1. I have been storing green beans in air tight container and keep them like
that for an year ( I order quit a bit each time to save on shipping). Is
this wrong? I read some place (in this list) that green beans should be
allowed to breath ?
2. After I roast the beans I let them cool (15-20mts) and them store them in
an air tight container and start using them after 3-4 days later, and use
them all in a week. I usually roast a batch of 100g. Should I store them in
air tight container or should roasted beans be allowed to breath ?
3. I mix chicory with robusta to make chicory coffee, usually I mix 1 part
coffee to 1/2 part chicory, is there a magic ratio or is my ratio ok ? I
like the way it tastes, but just want to know what yall thought.
Thanks a ton

2) From: Eddie Dove
Manjo, Manjo, Manjo ...
You may as well have asked what kind of rice to use to clean your
grinder too ...  ;-)
Lots of opinion on these topics.  For questions 1 & 2, go to the Sweet
Maria's website, scroll to the bottom of the page and in the search
box type "green bean storage" and click "Find!"  Read the first five
articles that come up.  Items 1-4 will be about green beans and item 5
is about roasted coffee storage.
Personally, I like to vacuum seal the green beans with a Foodsaver in
plastic bags for longer-term storage and vacuum seal roasted coffee in
mason jars with the same Foodsaver.  It works for me, but others
employ other various methods.
I can't really help you with the chicory ...
Oh, and if we haven't already, welcome!
Hope this helps ...
Docendo Discimus
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3) From:
Your english is fine at the END.
I suggest you roast more then a tablespoon of beans!! You must have thousands of air tight containers around. Where do you store them??
Let us know a ton!!
---- Manjo Iyer  wrote: 

4) From: Manjo Iyer
Ah! sweetmaria site admins pls modify this site... search this site.... all
the waaaay down, if you move it up to the top that will help newbies like
me... and save this list from some annoying repeat newbie question. Now I
found the key to all my question. Coffee is more complicated than I thought!
Thanks ton Eddie for showing me "search this site".
On 4/3/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

5) From: Lissa Potter
On 4/3/07, Manjo Iyer  wrote:
We all started roasting sometime.
You'll get varying opinions here, but I store any greens that I'm not
going to use within a couple months in burlap bags. Tom sells some
nice food grade bags. I leave them in plastic if I'm using them soon.
Some vacuum seal greens. Not me.
I store my roasted beans in a sealed jar, and make sure I open it
daily to let the accumulated CO2 out. If they breath, they go stale
faster. But, if you don't vent the container a bit after the first 24
hours, pressure could build up.
(You didn't ask, but different kinds of beans and roasts need
different rest periods, and the only way to find them out is by
drinking them. I'd personally not let them sit more than 24 hours
before starting to drink them, and I'd aim for not letting them sit
more than 4 days. Over a week is definitely stale.)
If it tastes good to you, that is the right way to do it. No matter
what anyone else says.
Be well,

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