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Topic: OT: Re: +RE: The Eagle has landed in Iraq (5 msgs / 70 lines)
1) From: Floyd Lozano
This is a roaster's list.  We talk about roasting coffee, brewing coffee,
buying coffee, grinding coffee, tasting coffee.  I don't think Iraq grows
coffee.  I think you see what I am getting at here.
I lay into my real friends when they send me chain letters, but I will try
to show some restraint here.  Until Sweet Maria's sells ordnance alongside
coffee, stuff like this belongs off list.  You may now delete my rant.
Thank you. =)

2) From: Brett Mason
As opposed to poisoned animals Floyd, or what?
This is a very selective list, where we have "acceptable" off-topic topics,
and "unacceptable" off-topic topics.  Are you the judge?
I don't have a Fido or a Ghoti - but I didn't rant about the petfood.  I
have seven kids, but don't go on-and-on about education, etc.
Maybe time for you to switch to decaf.  In lieu of decaf, maybe you should
publish once and for all a comprehensive list of which off-topic topics are
acceptable under the off-topic banner.
I have responded on Eagle, I don't care for email-chains, or the flood they
generate, but, it's time for you to get a life...
Here's to home-roasting,
On 4/7/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

3) From: Floyd Lozano
Actually, I didn't even see the original as posted off topic which sort of
inflamed me, but the chain letter part definitely inflamed me.  Is the 'get
a life' crap directed at me?  I can't tell.  Let me know so I can decide to
like you or not ;P
On 4/7/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

4) From: raymanowen
BTW- Ray Owen broke the damn chain. I did not forward the festering waste of
1's and 0's, and I deleted it from this computer.
Bad Luck coming? Too late, I already drive a Bronco. -ro

5) From: Dan Mouer
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
I drove my last (1989) Bronco to 240,000 miles, then sold it to my =
mechanic who gave it to his son. It's still out there on the road.

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