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Topic: My apologies (7 msgs / 133 lines)
1) From: Beth Henkels
If I broke a list rule by asking if a local coffee store sold green beans, I
need to send out this apology.  I in no way intended to disrespect our
hosts.  I have seen numerous emails that have suggested places other than SM
to buy coffee paraphernalia, so I didn't give it a second thought about
asking about the greens.  Perhaps I should have.
So, to everyone on this list, and most importantly to Tom and Maria, I am
sincerely sorry.  Also, to those on this list who have the courtesy to guide
newbie's like myself off list, thank you.  It's reassuring to know that
there are some kind people out there that remember that there is a learning
curve in most everything new.
Have a great weekend!

2) From: Jim Carter
Personally, I don't think your question was out of line. When I am 
buying green coffee beans online, I only buy them from SM. And, I prefer 
to buy beans online. Nevertheless, it would be nice to know about local 
sources of green beans to handle "emergency" situations. Harvey is fast 
on the delivery, but it still takes a few days from the time I order to 
the time I receive my beans from SM. A local source would allow me to 
pick up beans and roast on the same day.  I doubt I would get the same 
quality, price, and roasting guidance that I get from SM.  But, at least 
I would have something to work with and could avoid a trip to Charbucks. 
The grocery store within walking distance of my house now sells green 
beans (some sort of franchise deal). I have only purchased a small 
quantity of beans (1.2 lbs) there on two occasions. I wish I had more 
local options. It would not change my preference for beans from SM nor 
put a dent in my purchases from SM.
-- Jim (not Pecan)
Beth Henkels wrote:

3) From: Floyd Lozano
I only wish there was a cheaper shipping option (yes even cheaper than
Harvey) that would allow me to try 4lb or less.  I could do that *now* but
then I think, ok, $2.25 a lb for shipping, I should buy more coffee so I
save on per lb shipping' which yes, doesn't make sense, because then I am
spending more money than if I had just bought the 4lb.  It's my 'Amazon free
shipping' mentality I guess!
On 4/7/07, Jim Carter  wrote:

4) From: Brett Mason
There are beans available on Amazon - for considerably less than Sweet
Maria's.  Of course, you get what you pay for....
Yet another approach is to buy in 12lb loads, with 10lb of a staple bean you
know you like, and four 1/2 lb bags of stuff to try.  This will
significantly lower your shipping price per lb, and give you some diversity.
I typically buy 60lb and pay lowest cost shipping from Sweet Maria's.  This
brings less than $0.50/lb shipping, and is my standard method of buying
three staple beans.  Currently I have three 20lb'ers of Juan Francisco,
Brazil Fazenda Brauna Flatbean, and Colombia Cauca La Esperanza...  My per
lb coffee price is less than $3.50 shipped.  All from Sweet Marias....
One more method, sell off your extras to locals.  I do at $6 per lb green
and $10 per lb roasted...  Soon your coffee will be free...
Work = Savings
Good luck,
On 4/7/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

5) From: raymanowen
No matter, Beth- everyone positively knows where the best beans can be had.
All that might happen is that one might reinforce what he already knows...
Tom will only sell educational beans in 1lb lots. If someone thought they
needed more than that...
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Why reinvent the wheel- just because toroids aren't patented...

6) From:
dear one, you did not do anything wrong. we all do the same thing. 
like family questions and answers come up.
if anyone give you crap, have them email me.
---- Beth Henkels  wrote: 

7) From: Les
Tom could offer free shipping.  It would be very easy for him to do it.  You
wouldn't even know or care.  Ask me how!!!!  Here is the simple solution.
Tom could add 30-50 cents to each pound of coffee and brag about offering
free shipping.  I know people in the turning business who do this all of the
time.  Personally, I like the honest upfront shipping.  I can buy some of
the same coffees that Tom carries from a local roaster.   He charges well
over a dollar more per pound for the coffees that Tom will send right to my
On 4/7/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

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