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1) From: Eddie Dove
This is a long post.
So, I picked up three new customers last week and needed to roast for
them, others and myself this weekend.  My wife, Camille, woke up ill
this morning so me missed church.  She is fine.
I set about to get to roasting in the Gene Cafe.  Many coffees on the
list for roasting today:  Guatemala Huehuetenango, Ethiopia Sidamo, El
Salvador Las Ranas Decaf, Mexico Oaxaca Decaf, French Roast Blend,
Harar Decaf, Harar Lot 30, Zimbabwe Dandoni, El Injerto, etc., all
Sweet Maria's coffees.
Fired up the first batch of Guatemala in the Gene Cafe and proceeded
through the profile ramp; last stage, then I notice the temperatures
taking a nose dive and watching a 1/4 lb of Sweet Maria's Coffee going
to that famed place of heat in a rocket sled.  Tried several things
then aborted, disassembled, tried again to no avail.
I was losing time and had a lot to roast so I finally shoved the Gene
Cafe into the corner in a heap; I hope I can remember how to put it
back together.  Backed the wife's Jeep out of the garage (it was quite
cool today, ), wheeled out the brand new grill in place of the Jeep,
installed grates, placed heat diffusers (received this week), drilled,
bolted and used voltmeter with thermocouple; set up an RK Drum in
about 30 minutes and had it heating to burn in.
Ran some Nicaraguan coffee (donated by extended family returning from
Nicaraguan mission trip) through the roaster to prime it / burn it in.
 The first pound reached 1st crack in five minutes flat and second
crack in 6 1/2 minutes. The next one pound batch was a little more on
target with respect to times and ended at Full City.
The following two pound batch was a bit unique.  After just a couple
minutes I noticed quite a bit of smoke, but then I heard some cracking
and saw a lot more smoke.  Here's a tip for future RK Drum users:  USE
THE COTTER PIN TO LATCH THE DOOR SHUT!  When I opened the grill there
was coffee everywhere; there was also fire everywhere.
Things ran the gamut today:
1.  Killed a roaster and premium coffee beans (Sorry Tom)
2.  Built an RK Drum in short order; about 30 minutes (Ron, is it a record?)
3.  Set fire to coffee
4.  Broke wood handle on rotisserie rod
5.  Ran to auto parts store for parts to fix it
6.  Fixed handle and roasted some more
7.  Rearranged motor setup
8.  Burned forearm really good (badge of honor, I wear it proudly!)
9.  Wasted two pounds of Tom's Guatemala Huehuetenango learning (Sorry
again Tom)
10. Somewhat dialed in on 1 & 2 pound roasts
Finally, several batches of coffee got roasted decently, including
decaf coffees, I think; bean munch says yes.  Everyone is getting
coffee this week!  Not as originally planned, but I did get the
Huehue, Sidamo, French Roast blend and all three decafs roasted.
Sincerely, I am glad this happened this way for a few reasons
including that fact that I learned and grew a lot today with respect
to roasting and my volume / time improved dramatically.  Also, I
happen to be working very hard on writing a product review of the Gene
Cafe and this is a perfect time to work something like this into the
For those that can't wait to poopoo the Gene Cafe, I will state that I
am quite impressed with the amount of abuse it took from me.  In seven
months I ran 422 batches through this roaster, which adds up to 221.5
pounds.  I will be giving Tim Skaling a call this week to get it
For those that love the RK Drum, I have to say that I am now one!  The
bearing setup that I used did quiet the operation and I can really
hear first and second crack quite well, even at a distance, which is
great as I do have a hearing deficit.  However, the rhythmic swishing
of the beans is a narcoleptic's nightmare; I should know, I am one.  I
even considered moving it to the bedroom to help me sleep at night!
Batch size and flexibility is great!  Again, batch size and
flexibility is great!  I roasted some two pound batches and didn't
even begin to tax the grill at all.
Just wanted to share.
Have a great week everyone!
Docendo Discimus
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2) From: Vicki Smith
Arghhhh, Eddie. You had some day, my friend. I hope your Gene can be 
fixed. I know how much work you put into mastering it. I'm celebrating 
the return of weather that is outdoor roasting friendly and hoping that 
my days of roasting in a down jacket and gloves are over until next 
November. We got about six inches of snow earlier this week, but it was 
positively balmy this afternoon.
I'll be interested in reading about your RK adventures as they develop. 
If I were to move on from my bread machine, that's what I would be 
looking at, even though it would not be usable here during most of the 
Eddie Dove wrote:

3) From: stereoplegic
Eddie, so sorry to hear about the GC. that was quite a run, though. hope 
it's back on its feet soon. in the meantime, best of luck w/ the RK (you 
drum roasters really make me wish my apartment had a balcony).
southcoastcoffeeroaster wrote:

4) From:
Thanks for most interesting Easter post.
What a day. Good lord...
If anyonbe wants to read an exceptional review of the Gene Cafe please jump over to homeroasters.org, click forum and EWddies review is there and it is the best!
---- Eddie Dove  wrote: 

5) From: Floyd Lozano
Tell me more about the bearing setup!  I am thinking of moving to a drum
roast setup and have designed about 20 in my head, but I'm a great thinker
and a cruddy doer. so I will likely go and buy a proven drum, the RK ;)  So
now it's all about figuring out how to get the parts and more importantly,
how to master it and hook enough people to recoup my cost and get free
coffee for the rest of my life, muahahaha.
I really considered getting the GC based on your workhose use of this
machine but I just can't see how you find the time to roast all that
coffee!   What's your lb/hour?
Hope your buddy Gene gets well soon.
On 4/9/07, pchforever  wrote:

6) From: Les
Good job Eddie.  I am sorry it took the Genie going belly up for you to fire
up the RK.  You will be spoiled!  I roasted 8 pounds on Saturday.  I screwed
one roast up because I forgot to put the cotter pin on all the way!  Coffee
burns pretty hot!  I heard the tinkle of the beans and got it stopped with
only the loss of about 20 beans and no fire this time.  I am enjoying a TV
of Moka Kadir as I type.  I don't often have Tom's blends I think that is
going to have to change.
On 4/9/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

7) From: Brian Kamnetz
Can you remind me of the kind of grill you got?
On 4/8/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

8) From: Eddie Dove
Talked to Tim Skaling for a few minutes this morning about the
symptoms and let him know that tools were not unfamiliar to me.  Tim
is sending the part (heater box) that he believes is the problem and I
will send him the old one.  He told me that he regularly meets with
the folks from Korea to go over failed parts and stated that they
actually have a good quality control and review method.  If this part
doesn't fix the problem, then I will have to ship the roaster to him.
Tim is a really nice guy.  I empathized with him being similar to a
therapist where people call him first thing Monday morning with their
problems ... like me!
My bearing setup is an ad-hoc implementation (read as needs
improvement) of what is mentioned in the following thread:http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/coffee/homeroast/271029#271029Read it to the end and the part numbers are given.  It is a good
thread and Ron Kyle participated in it as well.  The rollers aren't
essential, but I have a hearing impediment and wanted to work as much
noise out of the roaster as possible to ensure being able to hear the
cracks, which is not a problem.  One could also use Brett's Method of
just stopping the rotisserie momentarily with the on/off switch.
Pounds per hour is limited on the Gene Cafe, which is why I am
somewhat glad that things went the way they did this weekend.  I used
250g batches as my upper limit (it is rated for 300g)  and could
easily get three batches roasted per hour.  That can get really time
consuming, but I did learn a lot going through that many roast cycles.
The grill I bought from Homer's Despot (as per a tip from Jeremy) is a
CharBroil, 4 stainless steel burner, 48,000 BTU with side burner.  I
got a really good deal on the grill because I was kind and patient,
and it was just before Christmas when I bought it.  If you need more
specific information, let me know and I will check when I get home.  I
wanted to be able to do 4 pound roasts and I think this should be able
to do it.  With all of the dials set to the lowest setting, it can
maintain 500F while roasting a pound of coffee.
Docendo Discimus
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9) From: Eddie Dove
Hey Vicki,
All is well with you, I hope!
On 4/8/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:
Docendo Discimus
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10) From: Eddie Dove
Knock out a wall and build your own ... its well worth it!
On 4/9/07, stereoplegic  wrote:
Docendo Discimus
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11) From: RK
What a weekend Eddie, sorry to hear of the demise of the Gene, but later I 
read that a replacement heater box is being shipped to you, so that should 
get it back and running. Yes you must insert the clip before roasting, the 
preverbial 3rd crack can be exiciting. Sorry to hear about the burn, I have 
several badges of honor myself, only to remind be to be more careful 
handling 450 to 500 degrees pieces of metal.
Good to hear that you got a decent 1 to 2 lb profile in such a short time 
frame, going from poppers, and other roating methods makes the learing curve 
to the RK Drum simpler, its all about the heat. good luck in your future 
roast in the RK and if I can be of any help just ask.
BTW 30 min. is fast and may be a new record.

12) From: Jeff Oien
I've also learned you must pull the pin while it's still in the grill 
before pulling out the drum to cool the beans. ! Once I forgot, and for 
some stupid reason I held the drum against my windbreaker jacket to pull 
the pin on the way to the cooling fan. I still have windbreaker material 
stuck on my drum. Kind of funny. Good thing I didn't get burned or ruin 
an expensive winter coat.
I have strict rules and procedures now and always have to have my head 
in the game. I don't want my skin stuck to the grill with permanent 
perforation marks on my body.
RK wrote:

13) From: Ed Needham
Don't try roasting shirtless this summer...word on the street.
Ed Needham®
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14) From: Eddie Dove
Okay ... notes to self:
1.  Pull pin while still in roaster (great idea and thanks!)
2.  Order an asbestos jacket
On 4/9/07, Jeff Oien  wrote:

15) From: Floyd Lozano
how many ove gloves would it take to make a vest, i wonder...
On 4/9/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

16) From: Mark Bartkowiak
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
only one but the diet required to wear it is the killer.
Mark B. Midland, NC

17) From: raymanowen
The total time delay from, "Ya, it's done," to extracting the hot drum,
pulling the pin, opening the door and shaking out all the hot beans into my
cooler, is bothersome. I'd have to keep my big bottle of Aloe Vera gel at
the roasting site to muffle expressions of colorful metaphors.
As I've said, I need to avoid the waffle imprint on the palms and forearms!
The Aloe Vera gel works great for the purpose- I know! You can get it by th=
quart or Gallon at Vitamin Cottage and other health food stores. Next time,
I'll get the Gallon size. It really doesn't expire- I've kept the qt in the
fridge for years.
Your notes to Self need revising:
   1. A leather motorcycle jacket would work OK. Avoid Asbestos Anything-
   2. Then pull the pin, or incorporate a lunchbox or toolbox buckle.
Most assuredly, I do not possess the coordination to pull this off without
the beans going thermonuclear on me. I don't want >any< delay between my
thinking the roast should Stop, and actually having every bean cooled below
roasting temperature.
Currently, 450g in the Bread machine is a Stroll in the Park, and I can
painlessly transfer them all to the Grand Slam cooler. The roast is stopped
about five seconds after it occurred to me to hit the Air Brakes. They're
plenty cool enough to stir them around with my bare hands at that point, an=
dead cold by at least 20 to 30 seconds.
By 5 minutes, they're in the jar and I'm getting ready to grind the excess
to sample to Captain Morgan mug of, hopefully, a PCE Monster.
This simple guy could be quite happy with the Panamas. No variety? Bet me.
The way I do things, variety wouldn't be the problem. It could be The
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
*Disclaimer:* *Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the
SCAA.* This free advice is worth every penny and is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or ameliorate any SNAFU. Always consult your
professional cupper to see if it's right for you… Discontinue use and tel=
your Cupper if the coffee develops off-flavors. Side effects are usually
mild and result in Dissing some coffee shops…  09-Apr-07 20:56

18) From: miKe mcKoffee
Sorry to hear your Gene Café decided to die. But then it actually =
like it may have been a blessing in disguise. Great you had the RK Drum
setup "as a back up" just waiting to be set up!
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first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal =
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone =
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19) From: Eddie Dove
Thanks miKe.  It was definitely a "blessing in disguise."
Everyone has really liked the 2lb roast of the Guatemala Huehuetenango
that was roasted in the RK Drum.  The warming spice has a bit more
presence ... rested a day and a half.
This coming weekend, I will be roasting as much as I can to learn.
On 4/10/07, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Docendo Discimus
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