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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
You be the Chocolate Maestro, anything you bring will be exquisite!
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2) From: Brett Mason
Depends how many you wish to feed, the size of your basket, and the width of
your decorative foil...
On 4/10/07, Tom Ulmer  wrote:

3) From: Dave Nielsen
How about chocolate with a hot pepper twist.  I have recently had
several chocolates that have anything from ground (fine) black pepper
to Anchos.  None of them tasted distinctly like peppers but enhance
the chocolate flavor and then leave a little bite in the back of your
throat.  Good stuff!  Of course the torte you make is really, really
good, outstanding, IMHO.  I'll leave it to the Alchemist to decide on
the best way to showcase the chocolate you have on hand.
On 4/10/07, Alchemist John  wrote:

4) From: Les
That sounds like a chocolate that needs to washed down with a fine brew of
On 4/10/07, Dave Nielsen  wrote:

5) From: Demian Ebert
I'm with Dave on this one. A little spice in the choc. is totally amazing.
And I'm not that much of a chocolate fan. We had a cup of hot chocolate in
NY that was based on a Mayan recipie and was really really good. Just a hint
of spice that offset the chocolate flavor perfectly.
On 4/10/07, Dave Nielsen  wrote:

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