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Topic: Secret Blend was +SM Liquid Amber is WONDERFUL! (6 msgs / 515 lines)
1) From: Ross
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Speaking of Malabar.  Here is my personal secret blend for the SM =
listers. I hope others will post their favorites too.  I have been =
roasting and drinking a blend that includes Monsooned Malabar Gold, some =
Kenya AA and just about any other coffee, mostly Panama Boquette, equal =
parts of each all at FC .  It is sooooooo  good.  I grind it at Rocky =
#30 and use a Melitta #2 pour over or the Bunn, no matter how you brew =
it, it is the bomb.  I have a hard time getting the energy to try =
anything else this blend is sooo good.  Kenya AA is probably the secret =
to any great blend it just seems to work with everything. Malabar Gold =
is a very good coffee too. 
I can hardly wait to roast them in my new RK drum.  After todays thread =
I will try to make sure I have a shirt on when removing the hot drum =
from the grill.

2) From: Leo Zick
Thanks for the blend, i love trying new ones!
ive bought malabar gold and its good, but a touch too earthy for me, so, i
made a malabar blend as well (never tried as a brewed cup, espresso only).
toned down the earthiness with harrar or more brazil.  just bought some
liquid amber blend last week so ill be trying that soon. im guessing its
fairly earthy as well, so i may roast a tad darker. got me!
Big Dog Blend:
50% brazil
20% malabar
30% mokha mattari
Furbo Blend:
5% Robusta
25% Harrar Horse
25% malabar
45% brazil
On 4/10/07, Ross  wrote:

3) From: Ross
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One additional note: this blend ages fast for some reason, it will taste =
good right out of the roaster and peaks in a few days, it looses it's =
greatness after a week or so.  Bottom line don't roast too much at once. =
 I'm glad I reminded myself of that.

4) From: Leo Zick
i just tried a panama coffee this weekend - la berlina.
panama is up there on my ethiopian list now! if this keeps up, i may have to
go to SO espressos.
On 4/10/07, Ross  wrote:

5) From: Bob
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How are you going to cool roast out of the drum? Good gloves on the =
transfer is important, as is roasting early during the cocktail hour.
Lessons, as always, learned the hard way,

6) From: Ross
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I am planning to use a stainless flour sieve on top of a bucket attached =
to a vacuum cleaner, or on top of a box fan like RK has on his web site. =
 I have not bought any of these items yet because I'm working (typing to =
you from Taipei) and won't be home for a week. Do you have any good =

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