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Topic: Stoopid question open bag opened during shipping (17 msgs / 348 lines)
1) From: Coffee Addict
First, this is in no way a complaint, considering it is most likely the 
fault of UPS, not Sweet Maria's.
One of my bags came with the side of the plastic bag slit open.  Since it 
only took a 2 days in shipment, this won't hurt the beans any would it.  I 
wouldn't imagine so, but thought I'd ask just in case.
Sigh, anxiously waitinig me pop corn popper....  All these beans and nothing 
to do with em.  Might try a fryinng pan just for the heck of it.

2) From: Les
Coffee Addict,
It will not hurt the beans.  What is a bummer is when more than one bag
opens up.  The UPS blend!  I have only had that happen once, and now that
Tom tapes the larger bags it has never happened.
On 4/13/07, Coffee Addict  wrote:

3) From: Floyd Lozano
If you had ordered more than one kind of coffee you would have received what
is affectionately known as the USPS blend ;)  It shouldn't affect the coffee
unless it travelled through a very humid environment, and that's not
likely.  Also, if the package seemed as if opened and resealed, you could
just be a victim of homeland security or DEA random search, who knows.
Hope you get the popper soon!  May want to check out a thrift store for one,
they are usually under $5!
On 4/13/07, Coffee Addict  wrote:

4) From: Brett Mason
I can imagine your frustration.  If you just send it all to me, you won't
have to worry about it at all...  Besides I always liked free coffee....
Dude, if you can only imagine that poor little cherry, growing up on a vivid
green tree, gonna be a big coffee fruit some day.  AND THEN what happens?
Gets ripped off the branch, thrown in a basked, tossed into a crusher,
depulped (in public no less), then cast on the ground to dry up.  Scooped up
with a shovel (unless it was a Kopi Luwak product, and that cannot be
described here, but just think stomach juices and stench), tossed into a
larger basket, then a bin, and finally a truck.  A long ride, and then a
more formal shipment, loaded on a vessel, and sent on a long ride with
moisture, rats, seagulls, fly9ing fish, squid, and even maybe a giraffe
headed to a zoo in Milwaukee... and more!
Perhaps the bag splitting may be OK.
On 4/13/07, Coffee Addict  wrote:

5) From: Bob
I remember my first two shipments came with the side of the bag slit open. 
Thought about it and realized I was doing it myself when slitting box open.

6) From: Coffee Addict
No worries, it was just one bag, which i am going to use to "learn" on. 
Roasted 9oz in a pan on the stove just for the heck of it (pop corn popper 
isn't here yet).  Didn't come out too bad for my first batch.  My arms are 
killing me however.  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to, but I the entire 10 
mins, I was agitating the the pan, its a huge one.  Didn't want to ruin one 
of my good pans and wasn't sure what to expect the first time.

7) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
i keep looking for the split proof bag - we are using 4 mil and then 
6 mil on the bigger ones, but sometimes when i feel the bags i think 
they are not as thick as the supplier states. we used to use these 
top of the line mini-grip brand bags (they had a red stripe at the 
zip seal) but actually had more problems with them than other types. 
I keep seeing packaging that I think is much stronger (laminated 
plastic) but you need the full machine to turn it from flat roll 
stock into bags. i tried to do that a bit on the cheap, having an old 
machine refurbished for us, but it ended up not working at all. 
anyway, i want to improve this, but now i am cupping like crazy as 
the mid-harvest central samples start to come in  heavily. next week 
we should have our first new crop guatemala and nicaragua on the 
list. The costa ricas are in. and my trip to costa rica yielded some 
really nice coffees that should be here in a month or so.
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8) From: Les
Don't worry about the bags!  I have not had a bag problem in years that
wasn't my problem.  I carefully open my SM box and don't go at it with the
knife like I used to.  I am glad to hear you had a good trip.  The stash is
getting a little low on Centrals so the timing is looking good!
On 4/13/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

9) From: Coffee Addict
I wouldn't worry about the bags either.  The way the bags were packed, with 
the extra paper to keep things snug, none of the beans spilled until I 
picked it up, and then just a few of them.  I have two rottweilers for this 
exact purpose....  And they told me to tell you, your beans taste excellent, 
even before roasting!

10) From: Lynne Biziewski
Pete - watch out for the dogs eating the coffee beans. They're toxic to
dogs, and I couldn't find info on how toxic the green beans are to them.
That said, I'm always chasing my dog (one of the three) away from the ones I

11) From: Coffee Addict
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Really, toxic?  I know acorns are, but in large quantity.  Didn'nt know =
about that with coffee.

12) From: Ed Needham
I'm posting this from memory, so I'm a bit lax on details.  Google is great 
for digging deeper.
Big dogs have nothing to worry about unless they eat large numbers of beans 
or other caffeine containing stuff.  Little dogs are more sensitive due to 
smaller body mass, which means it takes less caffeine to affect them.
It seems the caffeine is not readily eliminated from their system as it is 
in humans, so it builds up over hours and affects their heartrate and 
central nervous system.  I wouldn't worry about a little dog finding a few 
beans, but if they tear into a box of chocolates, you probably have need for 
concern.  Holidays are the real killer when we put things out on tables for 
parties, or well meaning guests feed the dogs without permission.
Ed Needham®
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13) From: Pete
Thanks for the info Ed.  The male is 150# or so, and the female is about 
120#, so I think we can classify them as a "Big Dogs".  Besides, they are 
still running around trying to kill each other, so I will assume they are OK 
for now.  Maybe its the caffiene though.  The wife and I tend to  try and 
kill each other similarly when we have too much.  I think they may have 
gotten a very small handfull, if that.
The male did get into chocolate under the xmas tree one year, and went into 
shock as a result.  The vet pumped him full of fluids, which took care of 
it, so no big deal.
Thanks again,

14) From: Barbara Wilson
I've been roasting my coffee on the stove in a big bronze pan that I 
brought back from Ecuador see photo:
http://static.flickr.com/42/113209880_1ac051bae5.jpg?v=0In this photo they are making ice cream but the pan is identical to 
mine.  I have an IRoast2 but started needing to roast larger batches to 
serve to our customers at our business and now I like the pan roasted 
better even though  I keep trying batch after batch always comparing the 
same coffees in the IRoast. 
It takes me 25 minutes to roast it,  but I always start with a low warm 
up phase then as soon as the coffee gets hot I turn the flame up to 
about a medium high and around 1st crack I put the temp a little higher. 
I resist the temptation to turn the temp down when it starts to smoke. I 
gave up on shaking the pan (as people suggest) and I just learned to 
stir really fast.
 Addict wrote:

15) From:
Hey Coffee adict:
Not to worry, remember dear one they be green anyway. Make no difference unless perhaps several bags opened and you had surprise roasted coffee.
have a great weekens.
---- Coffee Addict  wrote: 

16) From: Pete
Hey Barbara,
Thanks for the info.
Question.  You don't cover your pan while you are roasting?  I thought I was 
supposed to, and thats why I was constantly agitating the beans.  If it 
works without being covered, I'd love to try it out.  I have these very very 
old pans that were passed down to me by my mother in law, which are in great 
shape for their age.  They originated my Wife's great, great, great 
grandmother from Cuba.  I'd love to try using them as they are very sturdy 
and have been great for cooking my favorite saute recipes (wife does cook, 
at all, thank god, fire hazard).
At any rate, let me know if you have great results on the stove in a pan, 
without covering.  I'd love to use these pots but they have no cover, and 
i'd much more prefer stiring with a spoon than having to constantly agitate 
the entire pan.

17) From: Barbara Wilson
No I don't cover the pan. It takes a bit of finagling to not set off the 
fire alarm.  Also, I stir with a wooden paddle which keeps it moving 
better than a spoon.
Pete wrote:

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