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Topic: Simon's in Cambridge was +SM Liquid Amber is WONDERFUL! (7 msgs / 203 lines)
1) From: Lynne Biziewski
Dave -
Sorry your trip to Simon's turned out not. You've peaked my interest now -
I'll have to try to visit the place!
Hope the three of you had a nice lunch -  I went to Haymarket in the first
time in years - filled my wheelie backpack & had an extra three heavy bags
filled for a whopping $12.
And to think of the money I've wasted in Stop & Shop all these years.. by
saving money there, I might just be able to place a Harvey order soon!
On 4/14/07, David Morgenlender  wrote:

2) From: David Morgenlender
We had a very nice light lunch ... I decided to keep it light just in =
Simon's had pastries which were required to be eaten between espressos!  =
:)  We
ate at a new crepe place, somehow resisting the dessert crepes.  It's =
been decades since I've had a crepe.
Haymarket ... I guess it's still the same.  Definitely an experience ... =
& great
deals.  It's sure been a long time since I've been there.  The Big Dig
discouraged expeditions to Haymarket & the North End, which I used to =
But we did go fruit & veggie shopping today on the way home.  We stopped =
Russo's in Watertown.  What a great fun place.  If you haven't been there=
want to spend a lot more money than at Haymarket) they've got an amazing =
of fruits, veggies, cheeses, breads, pastries, prepared foods, etc.  Many=
not normally found in this country.  We also got a couple of cheeses & a =
to make up for what happened earlier in the day! :)  But now I've got to =
down to Haymarket one of these days ... the people at Russo's are just =
friendly & helpful :) (& the stuff is definitely not cheap).
I think I'm going to have to abstain from Harvey for awhile ... my wife =
across a Harvey receipt for an order she agreed to only grudgingly, as =
well as a
surprise (to her) Harvey, some coffee equipment (ibrik, vacpot, etc.) =
etc.  I was surprised how calm she stayed despite her obvious displeasure=
 ... I
may have found a strategy ... overwhelm her with my purchases.  Risky, =
but if it
works, what the heck!  So after I wait a really long time (1-2 weeks) =
maybe I'll
go for another Harvey order :) ... or maybe not!
On Sat, 14 Apr 2007 19:39:50 -0400, you wrote:
Simon's I
Dave Morgenlender
e-mail: dmorgen

3) From: David B. Westebbe
Russo's is something special.  I go there a couple of times a week.  My
sister, who lives in the middle of some godforsaken suburb of DC, =
insists on
shopping there every time she visits.
What I like is that I can get top quality produce, which appeals to my
food-snob side, at rock-bottom prices, which appeals to my thrifty side. =
is like a marriage made in heaven.  It is like finding a Poppery I in a
thrift store for $3.00, every time I go there...

4) From: David Morgenlender
A couple of times a week.  Wow!  I'm jealous!  OTOH, since I don't get =
very often, when I do, I buy a lot.  I'm really trying to eat healthier =
and I
figure the best way is to buy the best produce I can, which I really =
eating.  OTOH, my wife's philosophy is to buy the best one can buy cheap.=
usually shop at Russo's alone (partly for this reason).  So it was really=
 a hoot
shopping with Barbara.  Between selecting stuff I really wanted to buy, =
putting really expensive cheeses I had little interest in buying into the=
it was fun!
It's funny you talk of rock-bottom prices.  I don't view it that way.  =
probably right about items available in many places.  But those items you=
see anywhere else (e.g. a kind of mango I picked up), the prices are high
(compared to the more common stuff anyway).  
To keep this thread on topic :) ... I read some of Tom's descriptions of =
as tasting like or having the aroma of a Meyer Lemon.  My reaction was =
"what the
heck is a Meyer Lemon?".  Lo & behold while walking the isles of Russo's
yesterday I came across Meyer Lemons!  So I bought one to try.  I have no=
if these should be used in cooking or eaten like an orange.  But what the=
I'll be adventurous!
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insists on
unsvbscribes) go to =http://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings==========================
Dave Morgenlender
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5) From: Floyd Lozano
Glad you enjoyed it too!  Mental note: don't go on Thursdays, go on delivery
day instead! ;)
On 4/19/07, David Morgenlender  wrote:

6) From: mirrera
It was such a nice weekend in Boston, I made it over to Cambridge and walked around a bit.  Swung by Simon's to get a level-set on how my recent shots compare.  I haven't been frequenting any quality coffee shops lately -- mostly because I live in Boston, I guess (I used to live around the corner from 9th St. Espresso in NYC - yum). 
Had a couple of delicious shots at Simon's -- barista actually sank one of them when it pulled too fast (he was even using a timer) and then he dialed in the grind.  Not something that you'll see at most other shops.  
The result?  I'm happy to report that my shots are quite comparable to what I had at Simon's.  And the Kona that I've been using this week is especially tasty (not homeroasted, though -- picked it up when I was in HI a couple of weeks ago).  Makes me feel better about my meager barista skills, though the god shots are still few and far between.

7) From: Floyd Lozano
I've been finding that it's difficult to hit the Golden Rule but so long as
you're willing to abort at the first hint of blonding (even if it's only one
shot of the intended double, and only 15-18 sec in) you can still get some
decent espresso!  I did just that and got a sweet and creamy shot, which was
very nice (using a crazy blend of mysore, java, brazil sertao and ethiopian
belekara).  Still a lot of work to do though to achieve consistency!
On 4/23/07, mirrera  wrote:

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