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Topic: Travel Expresso Maker? (9 msgs / 168 lines)
1) From: Pete
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Is there such a thing as a travel expresso maker.  I go up to Ottawa for =
business, and can't find any place close to the office that makes decent =
expresso.  Tim Horton's is onsite in the caf, but there's taste like it =
has been burnt, or sitting for days.  
Any thoughts?

2) From: Alchemist John
I use my Gaggia Factory lever.
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John Nanci
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3) From: miKe mcKoffee
Velox makes both 12v DC and 120v AC units they call travel espresso makers.
But they are travel steam toys.
Alchemist's suggestion of lever espresso machine likely most compact type
machine for excellent real espresso traveling. Some of the single boiler
pump espresso machines are fairly compact and even the cheapos (sub $200)
can make decent espresso with practice. Of course also need travel grinder. 
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4) From: mirrera
If you want to minimize weight while you travel, there are several backpacking coffee preparation tools.  I use a JetBoil press, since you need a heat source, too, out in the woods.http://www.gsioutdoors.com/Products/glacierStainless/65101.html-AdkMike">http://www.jetboil.com/Products/Accessories/Coffee-PressFor 'espresso', I've used one of these at a friends house, and it's not bad, if it's the only thing that's available (plus it's small):http://www.gsioutdoors.com/Products/glacierStainless/65101.html-AdkMike

5) From: Larry Johnson
Oh, wow; a hot-rodded Mokka pot!
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Larry J
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6) From: Casey Jones
There's always the Aeropress, which is also compact and lightweight.
I know it's not true espresso, but sipping on a delicious cup of
concentrated homeroast can be quite satisfying, especially when you
think of everyone else who is lined up downstairs for push-button
brown water.
On 4/17/07, mirrera  wrote:

7) From: Zara Haimo
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If you can still find a Krups Gusto (try eBay?), it makes surprisingly =
good, real espresso and is small enough to pack.  It used to be my main =
espresso machine and I still take mine on trips, but I've graduated to a =
Giotto at home.  I also pack my Zass grinder and a Thor tamper just the =
right size for the Gusto's smaller than standard basket.  

8) From: Pete
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Only problem is that I'd have to bring my oven with me.  Something tells =
me customs/immigration would pull me aside and insist on going through =
my backage.  Not the oven mind you, only my baggage.

9) From: Angelo
This would be my suggestion, also. Another plus- the pump is very 
quiet, at least in comparison to my Silvia...

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