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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
Monsooning beans involving actual water not my understanding. But rather the
humid air of the monsoon season blowing through the warehoused bags of
beans, I believe still in parchment form but not sure on that.
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2) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
you are absolutely right Mike - I was just kidding about trying to 
"home monsoon" the coffee. The best thing to do, if possible, is 
roast them immediately, to prevent a total loss. Also, there is a 
great chance that wet coffee will develop some very nasty molds, so 
if immediate roasting is not possible, the wisest thing to do might 
be to throw the coffee out.
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3) From: Brett Mason
... or sell it to Folgers....
On 4/19/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

4) From: Mike Chester
I think that I was able to save most of the beans.  I put the ones that were 
only moist on sheet pans out on my deck in the sun and wind.  We had about 
15 MPH winds today, so they dried nicely.  The ones that were wetter were 
put into the convection oven at 135 degrees.  Most of them simply dried out, 
but a few changed color to a light yellow like they were beginning to roast. 
Those were very small amounts, about 150 grams, so if they are ruined, it is 
not much of a loss.  I won't really know the result until I roast and taste 
the coffee.  The beans that were soaked were, unfortunately, the PR Selecto 
and the Australian Mountain top, but there were only about 150 grams of 
each, so I roasted them together in the Hottop.  After the first attempt 
which was 21.5 minutes (I could not extend it any longer) the beans were 
just tan.  I did not cool them and restarted the Hottop set at 19 minutes. 
I let it go 4 minutes into the cycle before putting the beans back in and 
stopped the roast with about 2 minutes left at C+.  I believe that the roast 
will probably be a bit muted since it took so long, but it was worth a try 
as I really like both of those beans.
It took me all day to dry and re-package my beans in vacuum bags and clean 
up the kitchen.  I did not look at the espresso machine yet.  I used over 
two full rolls of Food Saver bag material to re-package all of my beans, but 
now they are safe.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
Mike Chester

5) From: Eddie Dove
dangit Brett!  I was eating dinner!  ... spew alert ... spew alert ...
spew alert ...
On 4/19/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
Docendo Discimus
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6) From: Aaron
Ok, I dont know but, when making beef jerky or something similar you put 
it in the oven at 120 to 140 degrees... ish... sort of for some hours to 
dry it out.
can't one possibly do the same here, kind of like rejuvenating a 
dessicant bag,  put the beans in a cookie pan and put them in the oven 
at 130 or so for oh a few hours???  to drive the excess moisture off..
id recommend roasting them NOW and be ready for extended roast times as 
there is a lot more water to drive off with the process, but with that, 
might be a way to dry them out otherwise?
I honestly have no idea if this would work or not, just sticking my nose 
in with an idea or two that might help.

7) From: Michael Wascher
They won't want it ... there aren't any turtles.
On 4/19/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
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